Pick the package that fits your organization and culture.

Recognition Standard

The essentials for building a thriving employee recognition program.

Features included

Individual & group recognition
Social feed
Award levels
Notifications & languages
Reporting & analytics
Customer & user support
Standard communication play library
Initiatives & group incentives
3rd party integration
Manager dashboard for teams
iOS & Android
Budget management
Offline tools, award codes, & award certificates
Proxy capabilities
Nomination recommendations

Recognition Premium

Additional customization and controls for a powerful, personalized program.

All standard features plus

Role & approval-based recognition
Tailored award levels
Company rewards management
Recognition brand foundation development
Branded program theme
Customized communication plays
Language support
Custom award certificates
Solution design

Anniversaries Standard

The essentials for building a thriving employee service award program.

Features included

Digital & printed Yearbook
Best-in-class service awards
Peer comments & languages
Leader comment reminders
Reporting & analytics
Customer & user support
Presentation tips
Dedicated client success team
Standard communication play library
Off-year anniversaries and birthdays

Anniversaries Premium

The most advanced, customizable service award solution on the market.

All standard features plus

Custom development
Branded program theme
Customized communication plays
Language support
Custom award certificates
Expert services

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Do I need implementation services?

Our one-time implementation services are a great way for new Culture Cloud customers to get started. With our team of culture experts at your side, you’ll get the personal support and advice to make sure you and your organization are set up for success.

Do you provide customer support?

Our client success team is available to answer burning questions, help you master the employee experience, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your program. All that plus our Help Center, which contains educational resources for your employees so they’ll never feel lost.

How does Culture Cloud save my company money?

We make awards available at market price, so when your employees redeem their points, there’s more budget and more awards to choose from. By only charging a software seat-fee and one-time implementation fee, we can deliver the industry's best value and most positive impact on workplace culture—and your bottom line.

Is there a minimum agreement amount?

All pricing is per employee, per month, and is billed monthly. The minimum annual agreement is $62,000 for Culture Cloud Recognition and $23,000 for Culture Cloud Service Awards.

How long are your agreements?

The minimum agreement term is a 3-year subscription. We do offer longer-term agreements to help create more certainty around future costs.

What kind of ROI can I expect?

Our customers report higher employee engagement and productivity, while individual employees report increased happiness and motivation. Global research proves that in companies where recognition is common, turnover rates decrease significantly. Culture Cloud isn’t just an investment in your culture, it’s an investment in your employees that has a direct, positive impact on your bottom line.

What is your approach to data security and privacy?

Culture Cloud is trusted by companies around the world to keep their information secure and private. It is essential that we earn the trust of our customers and keep it. For additional information, please see the Security and Privacy page as well as our Privacy Policy.

What integrations are available with Culture Cloud?

Culture Cloud integrations put recognition into the tools your employees use every day, offering an easy, seamless experience with minimal change management. Culture Cloud has open APIs, integrations with HCM/HRIS systems like Workday and SAP, as well as with business tools like Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Teams, and Yammer. We integrate with all SAML 2.0 SSO providers like Okta, and of course, we have iOS and Android mobile apps, so you and your employees can send recognition wherever they work.

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