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“As we went through the process it became very evident that O.C. Tanner really had the tools, the systems, the people, and the expertise that we were looking for. They would really bring best-in-class recognition to American.”

Beril McManus, Senior Manager, Recognition and Engagement, American Airlines

“Through collaboration with our business partners and O.C. Tanner, we’ve been able to drive the necessary tools and change required to manage appreciation and recognition more effectively.”

Janet Skolud, Senior Manager Global Recognition Programs, TD Bank Group

“It's such a good partnership because both our companies have gone through this transformation to think not just about a specific technology, but what is the recognition experience we want to create? We bounce ideas off each other, we often test things…it’s a true partnership.”

Kelley Lynch, HR Director, Capital One

“O.C. Tanner has helped us build recognition as a key facet of the way in which we do business.”

Jad Vodopija, Chief People Officer, BHP

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The fact that it’s mobile, easy to use, this is all thanks to the design from O.C. Tanner.”

Nicolette Barnard, Head of HR Pacific Region, Siemens

“Your recognition solution should reflect who you are. The look and feel, examples, photos…it’s an extension of us at GE Appliances. Companies should make recognition a part of their value proposition and engagement strategy—make it about who you are.”

Natalie Snyder, Senior Director, Compensation and Benefits, GE Appliances

“O.C. Tanner’s products have allowed us to offer a world-class recognition program that is essentially turnkey. We couldn’t accomplish this level of recognition internally, no matter the head count.”

Ring Power Corporation

“We absolutely love working with O.C. Tanner. It has been a tremendous collaboration, with the key word there being collaboration.”

Andrea Procaccino, Chief Learning Officer and the Vice President of Talent Development and Diversity, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital