Q1 2023 Product Update

Culture Cloud

We’ve moved the company logo to the top of the page on all relevant pages within the Culture Cloud experience.

Special instructions help recognition givers understand their company’s criteria to ensure they give the appropriate recognition.

Individuals who have met pre-specified criteria can now claim their award without waiting on an administrator. This is particularly helpful for things like completing a training or submitting an attestation. Additionally, we have added the ability to hide point values associated with awards.

Culture Cloud recognition experiences are directly integrated into Microsoft tools like Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint, and are available for use within the Microsoft App Marketplace.

We’re introducing an entirely new user interface designed to help admins easily navigate to recognition activity details.  

There is now a product category in activity reports to easily distinguish between group deposits, initiatives, or other recognition types. We’ve also added helpful data tooling (like the ability to aggregate and the first and last-visited date and time) to the Employee Visits Export. Finally, there are additional columns that can be filtered in the Activity Export report.