Q2 2022 Product Update

Culture Cloud

MY HISTORY: To help employees better understand how they are receiving and using their recognition points, we’ve added a Points tab. The Orders tab allows employees to see their order history without visiting the store.



WELCOME MESSAGE: Admins can post important messages or general announcements on the top right column of their Culture Cloud home page. Employees can be greeted with tailored text-only messages relevant to their company’s recognition program.



MOBILE: We are introducing the nomination wizard to mobile. Informed by pre-set company values, this guide helps users select the right award for their recognition nomination, all from their phones.

INITIATIVES: We have added greater control for initiative owners to change email settings and manage participant access. Also, for a more consistent and aligned experience within the Culture Cloud interface, we’re evolving how award images appear in Initiatives. Uploaded images will respect the ratio of the original image, providing greater opportunities for team and user personalization.


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