Q2 2023 Product Update

Culture Cloud

Clients can now merge data by exporting the current employee record and respective CDC fields to see more details on who is not receiving recognition. This enhancement will help provide better insight into the Flight Risk Dashboard. Please work with your Client Success Specialist for further assistance on reporting tools.

We’ve also added the ability to filter dashboards by country, manager, and parent business unit to give greater visibility into recognition program activity.

A new Recognition Strategy Dashboard shows active users, givers and receivers, monetary vs non-monetary, top giving business units, recognition by program type, and number of givers by number of times given. The dashboard allows you to select a date range and view changes in visits and recognition activity.

Special instructions help recognition givers understand their company’s criteria to ensure they give the appropriate recognition.

Managers will now be automatically copied when employees give recognition to one another. There’s an option to copy others on the recognition and provide approver notes to improve visibility and adoption.

There is now an approval process available for self-claimed awards. If self-claimed awards are configured for approval, they can be claimed more than once in pre-determined instances. Initiative owners will be notified and can go to the award section to see outstanding approvals and select one or all to approve.


A new user guide will help users and admins understand the functionality and value of Culture Cloud capabilities. It is available in the Help Center.