Q3 2021 Product Update

Culture Cloud  

ECARD MEDIA LIBRARY: We’ve updated our eCard media library with new animated eCards to better celebrate great work, birthdays, and other life events.

SOCIAL FEED & HOME: To encourage employees who aren’t currently following anyone on their social feed, we’re introducing auto-follow to show recognition activity for their manager, peers, and direct reports. This allows employees an easy way to like or comment on recognition and spread enthusiasm for great work. We’ve also renamed a category on the social feed navigation to My Company, which shows the company or department per the program’s configuration. Additionally, Recognize is now the button to click when you want to give recognition.  

MY TEAM: We’ve added drill down functionality for leaders to view the recognition activity details of their team members. This gives managers better data to have more informed conversations and give more relevant recognition.

INITIATIVES: The Initiatives detail page has been updated to make it more intuitive for users to consume content and take action. And to help admins better monitor an initiative’s transactional activity (like department charge-back detail), a cost code has been added to the initiative approval form. Additionally, admins can now assign approval roles to others, offloading the burden of initiative approvals.

Lastly, to streamline Initiatives activity on the social feed, there are now three award types: single recipients, two recipients, and three or more recipients. This will deliver a more impactful experience for givers, receivers, and observers of team awards as they happen within your program.

CHAT: For clients who have requested the feature, users can now chat with an O.C. Tanner representative and ask questions about the Culture Cloud experience, removing the communication burden from admins.

PRESCRIPTIVE NUDGES: We’ve created targeted, smart nudges that auto-send based on a user’s interactions in the recognition program. Because everyone needs a reminder now and again to recognize someone’s contributions and accomplishments. For example, if a user hasn’t given recognition in 30 days, a nudge will auto-send to remind them to give recognition. Another nudge reminds users with items left in their store cart to come back and complete their checkout.

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