Q4 2021 Product Update

Culture Cloud

ADMIN HOME. FLIGHT RISK DASHBOARD: To help program admins and sponsors understand the relationship between recognition and attrition, we’ve created the Flight Risk Dashboard. This new reporting feature reveals how at-risk of leaving your organization your employees are by leveraging the relationship between tenure and the amount of recognition received.

Culture Cloud’s in-app prescriptive analytics help increase the frequency, quality, and efficacy of recognition experiences. Our recommendations are powered by proprietary algorithms that pull insights from millions of cultural experiences, global industry trends, and experience impact data—all to help employees thrive at work.


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GROUP DEPOSITS: We’ve added the eCard library to Group Deposits, giving you more visual options when sending recognition to groups of employees.

UNCLAIMED ACCOUNTS DASHBOARD: This dashboard is being phased out, as unclaimed account data is available in the Impact Dashboard, released earlier this year. Please familiarize yourself with the Impact Dashboard and update your respective workflows accordingly.


SLACK: Culture Cloud now has a native Slack integration, further expanding the ways people can send recognition from the tools they use every day.


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WORKDAY: Our certified employee population data integration streamlines the process for capturing recognition and award data in the Workday HCM application. Workday serves as the system of record for worker data, while O.C. Tanner manages the solution for award and recognition programs. This automated approach allows Recognition Event data and Anytime Feedback to stay in sync on the employee record.

YAMMER: Users can now view award nominations and eCards on Yammer’s social feed.

INITIATIVES: To improve adoption and participation in team recognition initiatives, we’ve added the Participant Tab, which consolidates all participant management functionality so participants can view their allowances, awards, and activity detail.


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MY TEAM: To help managers easily see which departments their team is sending recognition to and receiving from, we’ve added a ‘Connections’ card.


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MOBILE: We’ve made acting on email content easier: links now take users directly to the Culture Cloud mobile app instead of their browser.