Q4 2022 Product Update

Culture Cloud

Our configurable welcome message introduces the Culture Cloud platform to new users and helps increase platform usage. This automated message is triggered in real time with data file updates.

For programs that have People Budget, we now have the option to turn on automatic email reminders prompting users to send recognition with their personal budgets before they expire.

We are adding reward codes to the Culture Cloud app, making it easier for recipients to redeem their recognition points.

We are enhancing Culture Cloud’s shopping experience by showing popular and familiar brands first to provide a streamlined redemption experience and easy access to the brands employees want most.

Users who want to track and comment on recognition given are now able to search for employees and filter their social feeds by an individual. This filtering option gives leaders greater visibility into recognition happening in their teams and across the organization.

We’ve added more popular timeframes to the My Team report to view activity. This gives leaders better insight into their team’s recognition progress.

Budget owners for both People and Business Unit budgets now have better visibility into budget transfer transactions so they can see where funds are coming from and transferring to, helping them manage their budgets more efficiently.

Data Export: Our tool now allows admins to see who hasn’t visited the program site over a specified time range. This gives users greater insight into who they can follow-up with to encourage participation.

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