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The new year is an ideal time to review your client relationships and plan how to help your clients reach their recognition goals. Many of our clients finished the year strong, and you can keep the momentum going in 2023.

For starters, help clients prepare for Employee Appreciation Day on March 3 (see our campaign page). Our new year-long campaign, Appreciate Always, will help you get the message out. But you’ll also want to show them how to integrate memorable recognition moments throughout the year.


Global Culture Report

Only 21% of organizations score high in recognition integration—which means that most companies could use more opportunities to integrate recognition into their daily culture. Read our analysis of why early, frequent, and holistic recognition significantly boosts the benefits.

A year of employee recognition

Employee Appreciation Day is quickly approaching on March 3. But the most effective recognition efforts go beyond one day of celebration. Read about 10 ways your clients can build appreciation into company culture throughout the year.

Celebrate everyone

A great way for clients to celebrate all of their employees at once is with Group Deposits. But planning ahead and budgeting for each celebration are the keys to success.

Client Story

Celebrating the whole team

Extended Stay America had a robust and resilient base, but they were searching for new ways to celebrate and recognize associates.

Group Point Deposits helped ESA acknowledge key milestones, reward performance, and provide an additional way for cross-functional teams to celebrate wins.


ESA can easily recognize and reward all associates—or entire teams—at once.

“The ability to provide timely and efficient recognition through Group Deposits has elevated not only our ease of ability, but also increases our creative options to celebrate one another.”


Nurses Week & Hospital Week

Get ready for the next phase of this year’s Appreciate Always campaign: Nurses Week and Hospital Week.Preview our campaign page.

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