Quarterly Game Plan | April - June 2022

Client Success Q2 Newsletter

We hope your clients found fantastic new ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day this year! To continue appreciating in Q2, we’ll be promoting Nurse’s Day and Hospital Week—but you’ll find many other dates you’ll want to celebrate as well!

A great way to celebrate a company milestone, special holiday, or reward everyone at once is with Group Deposits. Show them how they can use this great tool by following these steps.

Q2 Calendar

Below are other upcoming holidays that you may want to discuss with your clients. Also, remember to encourage clients to attend our upcoming webinars on trending workplace culture topics such as belonging and wellbeing.




Culture and
Recognition Insights


Integrate Recognition

To ensure great work gets appreciated as it happens, recognition should be a constant, integrated element of the culture.

Why Integrate?

When recognition is integrated into the natural flow of work, it’s far more likely to be given in a timely manner for the greatest impact.

A Note on Frequency

When leaders and peers frequently show appreciation for employee contributions, there are more opportunities for employees to feel connected to each other, to the organization’s purpose, and to success.

“Recognition helps maintain an energized environment, allows for more connection between people, and makes the employee experience meaningful.”


Client Story

How does a bank create community and connection with employee recognition?

Heritage Bank

Challenge: Heritage Bank promoted a culture that valued employee recognition, yet they didn’t have a complete solution that could manage real-time achievements throughout.

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