Flight Risk Dashboard

See the impact of recognition on attrition.

The Flight Risk Dashboard helps program admins and sponsors understand the relationship between recognition and attrition. This new dashboard shows the number of employees at risk of leaving your organization, demonstrated by the relationship with the amount of recognition they receive.

Culture Cloud’s advanced, prescriptive analytics help increase the frequency, quality, and efficacy of recognition experiences. Our recommendations are powered by proprietary algorithms that pull insights from millions of cultural experiences, global industry trends and experience impact data—all to help employees thrive at work.

What is the Flight Risk Dashboard used for?

  • Helping admins and sponsors understand the relationship between recognition and attrition at their organization
  • Showing the number of employees at risk of leaving based on on the amount of recognition they receive
  • Articulating the power of a recognition program to reduce attrition

How to use the Flight Risk Dashboard

1. At the top of the dashboard, you can view the statistically significant relationship between retention risk and recognition.

2. The left side of the dashboard shows the effect of recognition on attrition and the change in likelihood of leaving the organization. It divides people into 5 categories: those who have received recognition in the last year 12+, 9-11, 4-8, 1-3, and 0 times. This is a historical look based on the past rolling 12 months (which will change weekly when the file and data are updated). The dashboard looks at the difference in probabilities compared to the baseline (unique to your company), which is the people who on average have received 12+ recognition moments. Our model is based on eCards and nominations, but excludes group deposits and group eCards.

3. On the right side, you can see how many people fall into each category and a breakdown of the current active employee population based on your data file. To protect the privacy of your people, the dashboard suppresses individual likelihoods of attrition.


For technical questions, or to learn more about the Flight Risk Dashboard, please reach out to your O.C. Tanner support team.

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