Group Deposits

Quickly create celebrations of all sizes.

Group Deposits allows you to create meaningful, memorable recognition experiences for the entire company down to individual departments and everything in between. With minimal setup and no approvals needed, you can send recognition at scale quickly and easily for any size celebration.

What Group Deposits are for

  • Company-wide celebrations
  • Department or business unit celebrations
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Organizational milestones
  • Health and wellbeing achievements (vaccinations, step challenges, etc.)
  • Employee Appreciation Month
  • Safety goals
  • Birthdays (everyone born in March, for example)
  • Other group events

How to use Group Deposits

1. Select Group Deposits.
Log in to your recognition program, select Group Deposits under Admin Home tools, and click Create Group Deposit.

2. Add your information.
Choose who the award is coming from, send date, program, deposit name, and a message explaining the deposit to recipients.

3. Upload an image (optional)
Attach your own image to be included in the email notification for the deposit or choose a gif, video, or eCard from the media library. Click Preview Recipient Email to see what the message will look like before sending.

4. Upload the recipients file.
Download the template, fill in the necessary information (who you want to receive the award and how many points to give per person), and upload a CSV or XLSX file.

5. Adjust notifications.
Select from four categories of email notifications you can turn on (or off) to let people know about the Group Deposit: recipients, managers, the giver, and program admin.

6. Send.

Pro Tips

Deposits scheduled for the same day will take about an hour to process and send to all recipients. If scheduled for a future date, deposits will be sent at 1:00 AM MT on the scheduled date.

Canceling a deposit
Group Deposits scheduled for a future date can be cancelled by selecting Archive prior to the send date.

Recipient file data
To avoid errors, the data in the recipient file for a Group Deposit must match the data being provided to O.C. Tanner. (Examples: If Employee ID numbers have leading zeroes, include the zeroes. Or if an employee’s last name is hyphenated, include the full last name with hyphen.)

Image resolution
Images selected for Custom Image Upload should be 670 x 254 pixels. Animated images of the same resolution are also supported.


For technical questions, or to learn more about why Group Deposits is right for your organization, please reach out to your O.C. Tanner support team.

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