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6 Meaningful Ways to Recognize Offline Workers (eBook)

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Offline workers are critical employees who, due to the nature of their work, may feel removed from corporate culture. They do not work behind a desk, so they often have less access to technology that would keep them connected—and to enabling factors like autonomy about how they get their work done and when.

When offline workers feel seen and valued at their organizations, the odds of outcomes like belonging, connection, and engagement soar. And with these come improvements in retention and the overall employee experience.

There are many ways your company can recognize and connect with offline workers. Here is a preview of the tips explored in this eBook:

1. Provide offline recognition tools that align with your corporate recognition program

2. Let offline employees choose awards that best suit their needs

3. Help offline workers feel connected to the organization with branded or symbolic awards

4. Delight new hires with a fun swag box at onboarding or any celebration

5. Celebrate a career of accomplishments and contributions in a memorable way

6. Ensure leaders know how to recognize their offline workers

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