The Employee Experience

Distribution Value Stream

O.C. Tanner Supply Chain has three value streams in production. One of those is the Distribution value stream where products are received, stored, and processed for shipment back to our clients. In this video, we take a visit to the ADC building where cranes store products and send them to the production lines.

Our Supply Chain Hope and Purpose for the Channel

Josh and Amberly outline the purpose for creating videos this year. Our viewers will gain insights, share industry best practices, and strengthen our current and future leaders. O.C. Tanner has a strong diverse culture with people from all over the world coming together in one place to help other companies appreciate their employees for doing great work.

Tiny Tim Foundation for Kids Service

We spend several hours tracing, drilling, and sanding wood toy cars for the Tiny Tim Foundation for Kids in West Jordan Utah. It's a wonderful part of work when you get a chance to go out in the community and serve to help those in need. This is an important part of being a fantastic human being to appreciate and show gratitude for what we have.

Cómo Una Organización Cree en su Gente

Vea y escuche a los miembros del equipo que aman su trabajo y hacen mejoras todos los días en las que la organización cree.

Working at O.C. Tanner Manufacturing

In this video, we show all the various areas of the supply chain at O.C. Tanner and the employment experience ranging from our in-house to our onsite warehouse. The manufacturing supply chain group offers a wide band of expertise and work opportunities.

International Team Members

Listen to Gaby host three interviews with employees who have worked for O.C. Tanner for more than 8 years. Learn how they ended up working for O.C. Tanner. What is it like working on a team with multiple cultures and countries represented? And how do they work together to achieve the same goals?

Recruiting Using Stickle Bricks

Every week we run a stickle brick activity to help identify great future employees. This allows us to see the strengths and weaknesses in future candidates. We are able to potentially place folks in the right starting positions that best fit production needs with this exercise.

Experience the Factory Floor at O.C. Tanner

Check out what it's like working in production at O.C. Tanner and what goes on inside the building from the perspectives of six team members and one tour visitor. Hear from a machinist, a team leader, a mill operator, a merchandise receiver, a trophy finisher, and a merchandise customizer.

Working on the Factory Floor

Catch a glimpse at what happens every day on the O.C. Tanner Factory Floor. In this video, you will: -Learn how it is to work on the Factory Floor. -Listen to Lars’ and Rajen’s experience with O.C. Tanner. -How culture impacts an employee’s work experience.