The Employee Experience

Cómo Una Organización Cree en su Gente – S2 E15

Vea y escuche a los miembros del equipo que aman su trabajo y hacen mejoras todos los días en las que la organización cree.

The O.C. Tanner Manufacturing Supply Chain – S2 E2

We show all the various areas of the supply chain at O.C. Tanner and the employment experience ranging from our in-house dining to our onsite warehouse. The manufacturing supply chain group offers a wide band of expertise and work opportunities. This is one of the many reasons why O.C. Tanner has a long service tenure. People come and they stay.

International team members – S1 E27

Listen to Gaby host three interviews with employees who have worked for O.C. Tanner for more than 8 years. How did they end up working for O.C. Tanner in Salt Lake City? What is it like working on a team with multiple cultures and countries represented? How do you work together to achieve the same goals?

Stickle brick exercise – S1 E26

Every week we run a stickle brick activity to help identify great future employees. This allows us to see the strengths and weaknesses in future candidates. We are able to potentially place folks in the right starting positions that best fit production needs.

Experience the Factory Floor – S1 E19

Check out what it's like working in production at O.C. Tanner and what goes on inside the building from the perspectives of six team members and one tour visitor. Hear from a machinist, a team leader, a mill operator, a merchandise receiver, a trophy finisher, and a merchandise customizer.

The Factory Floor at O.C. Tanner – S1 E1

Hear from Lars and Rajen as they describe their experiences working on the factory floor.