Factory Shorts

Separate the Warehouse Inventory from Production to See the Waste.

Chief Joy Officer by Richard Sheridan

Dave briefly describes a couple take-aways he really enjoyed after reading Richard Sheridan's book "Chief Joy Officer".

Connecting with Employees

In this short Gary talks about connecting with team members in three ways as part of becoming a great manager. Team and Group Leaders within O.C. Tanner are those who drive the culture and truly make up what the company is all about.

Build Together

Executive leaders of O.C. Tanner talk to their value streams during cascade meetings about what building together means. How doing so grows the culture and enables employees to care more about their work. Seth also talks about how raising expectations motivates people to work harder.

Appreciation Leads to Results

Gary talks about the importance of appreciating one another within a company in order to achieve great results. Not only are you lifting them up but also yourselves whenever you are sincere about the feedback you are giving.

Creating Great Leaders

Gary talks about the importance of helping others to reach their full potential in order to be a great leader. During this leadership meeting he also shares that those who manage are creating the uplifting culture that O. C. Tanner has become so famous for.

The Art of Competition

Gary teaches the leaders during an offsite about being all in and how doing so enables you to live a more fulfilling life. He also talks about how leaders need to provide more value in order to stay in front of the competition.

Employees Set the Standard

Gary talks during the monthly strategy cookies meeting about how employees are valued because of their efforts to continuously improve. While some companies worry about lean methodology only allowing them to pick low-hanging fruit, O.C. Tanner never seems to run out of fruit to pick.

Coaching with Gary

Gary teaches about the importance of coaching within an organization

Mini Factory Story with Gary

Gary tells the story about how mini factories came to be within O.C. Tanner and how the people were the key.

Modern Leadership

Gary describes what a leader looks like today; someone who teaches, mentors, listens, and connects to support the success of their team members.

Coaching System

Quick impact of the coaching system on a healthy culture with find, develop, and keep our people who possess intrinsic value.

Shingo Model

Learn the three parts of the Shingo model: enterprise alignment, continuous improvement, and cultural enablers and how it can influence an organization.

People Empowerment

Hear the Executive Vice President of O.C. Tanner Manufacturing talk about giving the decision making to the team members and the results were astounding.

Digital Thinking Industry 4.0 Machine Analytics

See an example of how machine analytics can allow right time human intervention before downtime occurs.

Gary Peterson 35 Years of Service

Gary Peterson has led the lean journey over the last 35 years and now is a leader and influencer of lean and continuous improvement.
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