Lean Manufacturing

Take a Tour of the Custom Product Value Stream

O.C. Tanner Supply Chain has three value streams in production. One of those is the Custom Product value stream, where we make awards from cast, acrylic, and aluminum. Some of these products include trophies and 3D tie pins, all to symbolically represent years of service for our clients. In this video, we take a tour of the main building and the ADC where we have three teams that create these products.

Take a Tour of the Pressed Product Value Stream

O.C. Tanner Supply Chain has three value streams in production. One of those is the Pressed Product value stream, where we make icons and emblems. Some of these products include tie pins, dangles, medallions, and coasters, all to symbolically represent years of service for our clients. In this video, we take a visit to the main building where we have 9 manufacturing teams.

AME Conference 2023 with Gary | Part 2

In part two of the AME Conference 2023 in Cleveland Ohio, Gary Peterson gives a presentation on "One on ones matter, if you don't have time, try Leader Standard Work". Gary gives the story of the lean journey at O.C. Tanner, talk about the importance of coaching, and shares the Shingo model.

AME Conference in Cleveland Ohio | Part 1

AME Conference in Cleveland stretched for four days from October 31st to November 3rd. During the event we visited touring sponsored facilities where we could see how companies are applying excellence practices. We also heard companies share during breakout sessions their lean stories.

How O.C. Tanner Celebrates Manufacturing Day

Did you know that every first Friday in October is National Manufacturing Day? Given manufacturing's integral role at O.C. Tanner, this day becomes an opportunity to open our doors to students and our community. Join the students of local Granite School District as we walk them through some of the cool jobs we get to to every day at O.C. Tanner!

Team Improvements

Watch a Manager and Team Leader coach and guide a Team Member to observe using Ohno circles, document the process using PDCA cycles, and map out the current condition using a standardized work sheet. Hear their learnings as teams engage their resources in the continuous improvement process.

One Piece Flow Production

Josh goes to the Jade team to meet with Lars, the team leader, to find out how they are able to produce 140 emblems in a shift. Lars explains the process a typical emblem goes through using one-piece flow. As he points out, flow is more important than input when it comes to production!

8 Wastes in a Factory

The crew is back to show how the 8 wastes apply in a factory setting! This time they are joined by Carrie and Max who are Supply Chain Group Leaders and help show room for improvement and what O.C. Tanner does well. Come learn about TIMWOODS and how you can eliminate waste.

Finding 8 Wastes While Shopping

In this lean manufacturing video employees at O.C. Tanner demonstrate each of the eight wastes in a grocery shopping scenario. Using the acronym TIMWOODS they show the audience how they can find and eliminate each of these wastes within their own company.

The Parachute Principle with Jodi Brown

Jodi teaches the concept of anti-fragility by talking about the "parachute principle". She provides specifics insights that pertain to the supply chain. Jodi can be reached at thegloballeadergroup.com/jodi or jodiobrown.com.

The Shingo Model's Cultural Enablers

Dave talks about the two principles of the cultural enablers of the Shingo Model which are respect every individual and lead with humility. Under those principles we talk about some ideal behaviors that help teach, support, and educate to the cultural enablers.

Leadership Using the Shingo Model

Gary describes in detail the parts of the Shingo Model and how it can change a culture from within the heart and mind of each individual especially the leaders. He also shares a couple stories from his experiences. This is a powerful explanation of what it means to live the Shingo principles.

Lean Culture in Manufacturing | Part 4

The question is asked, what if someone was to copy everything O.C. Tanner has done so far, is there a shortcut? Tolan answers the question in this last video of a four part series. Gary also shares more incredible stories of the changes that took place over 30 years.

Lean Culture in Manufacturing | Part 3

In part 3, Gary shares the change he noticed in the people as they were all adopting a more healthy lean culture. He realized the O.C. Tanner people were influencing not just their work place for good, but also their homes and their communities. The production teams began to adopt the principles and philosophies from Obert, the founder, to make the work place beautiful and more comfortable to work for the employees.

Lean Culture in Manufacturing | Part 2

In this video our panel answers questions like: Do you pay your people to make improvements? How long will it take an organization to go on the lean journey? How do you raise expectations for the people in the organization to make the needed changes?

Lean Culture in Manufacturing | Part 1

Four great leaders from the factory floor at O.C. Tanner answer the most common questions from tour visitors such as how do I find great people like those found at O.C. Tanner? How do I enable engagement and improvements to happen?

Think Lean Do Lean | Part VI

In this last and final episode, Mike talks about several examples of waste in leadership and business. He also takes the time to define what is Muda, Mura, and Muri and how it applies to being a great leader. Stick around for this conclusion to a great series.

Think Lean Do Lean | Part V

Mike talks about how 5S can influence leadership at the top and introduces the 8 wastes. He talks about how 5S can influence real change in an organization once someone begins to think and do lean correctly without skipping steps. We learn by doing.

Think Lean Do Lean | Part IV

Mike takes us through the definition of each of the 5S's explained in a way you've probably never heard before.

Think Lean Do Lean | Part III

Begin to see the process to think lean.

Think Lean Do Lean | Part II

Find out Mike's experience meeting his new mentor and how he began to learn lean within.

Think Lean Do Lean | Part 1

In this part one of Think Lean series, you'll discover Lean at a deeper level.