Leancast: Promote Team Engagement – S2 E25

In this Leancast Amberly interviews three Group Leaders in varying experience and value streams about how they get their teams engaged. They discuss improvements, lean principles, coaching, and much more in relation to keeping their team members involved in O.C. Tanner's purpose.

Leancast with Peter Hines and Helen Zak – S2 E17

We talk in this Leancast episode with Peter Hines and Helen Zak about the experiences team members are having with onboarding and their engagement levels. We also touch briefly on how technology is having an impact on lean cultures and how to best utilize technology in the right way.

Abnormality System – S1 E14

See Benita explain the purpose of an abnormality system and see examples of it happening on the Factory Floor at O.C. Tanner. Carrie also gives us real feedback on how it's working for her and a few suggestions for improvements to the system. Continuous improvement mindset allows systems to get better everyday.

The Group Leader Experience – Leancast E1

Hear from three Group Leaders talk about their experiences how they came to O.C. Tanner and what led them to become a managing Group Leader in the Supply Chain