Modern Leadership

The ideal Group Leader Manager – S2 E10

We hear Gary talk about the characteristics of a good Group Leader, someone who doesn't give themselves the attention or fame. The Directors also talk about what they love to see in their leaders and a few Group Leaders talk about their experiences. We also get to hear from two new Team Leaders who had great leadership development from their Group Leaders.

Monthly strategy cookies meeting – S2 E5

In this video manufacturing team members gather with Gary and leaders to learn about the importance of employee appreciation over cookies and milk! Here teams share their progress so far and what examples of improvements have made a difference in efficiency and cost savings.

Modern Leadership part IV – S1 E32

Gary answers the top five lagging indicators. He also talks about the top five leading indicators for leadership. As part of a leader standard work, what is the best use of a leader's time and attention? A leader is aware of the energy of the team and how they are doing.

Modern Leadership part III – S1 E31

In part 3 of the modern leadership series, Gary talks about how systems help drive the right behavior to remind us to be disciplined until it becomes a part of us. During covid some of our systems struggled and we had to be reminded of their importance.

Modern Leadership part II – S1 E30

Gary talks about the top five systems at O.C. Tanner such as: coaching, improvements, strategy deployment, huddles, and gembas. He also talks about what it's like to see the people own their own improvements and the change in their countenance showed purpose and resolve.

Modern leadership part I – S1 E29

Gary shares the attributes of a good leader and how to find and develop those leaders to help drive a humble and empowering culture. With good leadership comes an engaged work force of team members who drive their own improvements and seek after results they care about.