Season 2

Effective Team Meetings and Huddles

Otto, the system owner, defines the huddle and team meeting system. He talks about the benefits and it's purpose. We also hear from leaders and team members from the Acrylic team as they describe their experiences and views of huddles and meetings.

Working at O.C. Tanner Manufacturing

In this video, we show all the various areas of the supply chain at O.C. Tanner and the employment experience ranging from our in-house to our onsite warehouse. The manufacturing supply chain group offers a wide band of expertise and work opportunities.

Leaders Gemba Production

The Supply Chain leaders visit 35 production and support teams every three months to hear their improvements and progress during strategy deployment. Hear from Mike as he shares his learnings and insights as a leader and how the Gemba helps him make better decisions. Gary also shares his thoughts on how the visits have evolved over time as team members become more engaged in the process.

The Shingo Model's Cultural Enablers

Dave talks about the two principles of the cultural enablers of the Shingo Model which are respect every individual and lead with humility. Under those principles we talk about some ideal behaviors that help teach, support, and educate to the cultural enablers.

Monthly Strategy Cookies Meeting

In this video manufacturing team members gather with Gary and leaders to learn about the importance of employee appreciation over cookies and milk! Here teams share their progress so far and what examples of improvements have made a difference in efficiency and cost savings.

Strategy Fair February 28, 2023

Forty different teams in the Supply Chain and some from the outside celebrated the end of another great six months. This is one of the ways we share great ideas and Yokoten.

End of Strategy Deployment

Watch as several teams report their results at the end of a six month strategy period. Each team tracked and recorded their progress through defining a target statement, lead, and lag measure. Hear Gary talk about the Best of Show and what it took to achieve the recognition.

Strategy Offsite Twice a Year

We learn more leadership principles to elevate the bar. We discuss the process of reviewing current condition in the first day and what is the top priority and focus for the second day. Gary takes the opportunity to teach his leaders and challenge them to be better and be engaged in doing hard things.

Strategy Catchball

This weeks O.C. Tanner's leaders share what they learned from the offsite with their team in a cascading meeting. In this meeting the strategy deployment initiatives are shared and then teams split off into catchball meetings to talk about how goal setting and how to achieve results.

Attributes of the Group Leader Manager

We hear Gary talk about the characteristics of a good Group Leader, someone who doesn't give themselves the attention or fame. The Directors also talk about what they love to see in their leaders and a few Group Leaders talk about their experiences. We also get to hear from two new Team Leaders who had great leadership development from their Group Leaders.

New Strategy Draft and Final Reporting

We learn about what comes after the strategy cascade and catchball meetings with drafting and reporting. Drafting is when the executives listen to the ideas managers came up with regarding strategy deployment and reporting is where managers then share those goals with all the other teams in manufacturing.

The Parachute Principle with Jodi Brown

Jodi teaches the concept of anti-fragility by talking about the "parachute principle". She provides specifics insights that pertain to the supply chain. Jodi can be reached at or

How To: Sticky Note Task Planning

In this How To video we watch members of the Product Development team within O.C. Tanner go through a task planning exercise. Josh takes the team step by step on how they can manage their tasks more effectively and plan their workload.

Fulfillment Leaders Take on Group Leader Managers

The Directors give their insights about the Group Leader Manager role. Each discusses the desired attributes and what they have seen that works well. The Group Leader defines the energy and success of the team.

Cómo Una Organización Cree en su Gente

Vea y escuche a los miembros del equipo que aman su trabajo y hacen mejoras todos los días en las que la organización cree.

Finding 8 Wastes While Shopping

In this lean manufacturing video employees at O.C. Tanner demonstrate each of the eight wastes in a grocery shopping scenario. Using the acronym TIMWOODS they show the audience how they can find and eliminate each of these wastes within their own company.

Leancast: Peter Hines and Helen Zak

We talk in this Leancast episode with Peter Hines and Helen Zak about the experiences team members are having with onboarding and their engagement levels. We also touch briefly on how technology is having an impact on lean cultures and how to best utilize technology in the right way.

8 Wastes in a Factory

The crew is back to show how the 8 wastes apply in a factory setting! This time they are joined by Carrie and Max who are Supply Chain Group Leaders and help show room for improvement and what O.C. Tanner does well. Come learn about TIMWOODS and how you can eliminate waste.

One Piece Flow Production

Josh goes to the Jade team to meet with Lars, the team leader, to find out how they are able to produce 140 emblems in a shift. Lars explains the process a typical emblem goes through using one-piece flow. As he points out, flow is more important than input when it comes to production!

How to Calculate Cost Savings

In this "How to" demonstration we walk through how to calculate year savings from a small value. This shows how important even 10 seconds can be on the organization over time. Cost savings can be soft or hard depending on how it impacts the bottom line of the company financials.

Cost Savings System

In the last video we showed you how to calculate cost savings when coming up with improvements, now we show you those savings in action! Nate, our systems owner, walks you through how O.C. Tanner has been using this cost savings system and takes you to a production line to show an example of a recent improvement.

Team Improvements

Watch a Manager and Team Leader coach and guide a Team Member to observe using Ohno circles, document the process using PDCA cycles, and map out the current condition using a standardized work sheet. Hear their learnings as teams engage their resources in the continuous improvement process.

5S System Defined

Phil takes us through the basic elements of our 5S system at O.C. Tanner and the benefits of having such a great system. He breaks down the different 5S principles and shows examples of applications in a production team. Development and training is a big part of maintaining an active and improving 5S system.

Our Safety and Wellness System

Hanh and Chavalah discuss our safety and wellness system at O.C. Tanner. Our people, across the company, actively participate in our safety catch program to help prevent injury. These efforts are making a significant positive difference in reducing safety incidents.

Leancast | Promote Team Engagement

In this Leancast Amberly interviews three Group Leaders in varying experience and value streams about how they get their teams engaged. They discuss improvements, lean principles, coaching, and much more in relation to keeping their team members involved in O.C. Tanner's purpose.

The Big Deals for Strategy Planning

In this quick episode we describe the process of sharing the current condition the company currently faces and how we as a Supply Chain define the big deals. These then turn into goals and target conditions through catchball after we cascade the information down to the teams. We also take the opportunity for team building by sharing in activities at the offsite.

How O.C. Tanner Celebrates Manufacturing Day

Did you know that every first Friday in October is National Manufacturing Day? Given manufacturing's integral role at O.C. Tanner, this day becomes an opportunity to open our doors to students and our community. Join the students of local Granite School District as we walk them through some of the cool jobs we get to to every day at O.C. Tanner!

How Goal Results are Shared in the Supply Chain

At the end of a six month goal setting period called strategy deployment, 35 teams share their results with leadership and with the whole company in a fair type setting. This process creates a healthy collaboration across departments and elevates the company as a whole.

AME Conference in Cleveland Ohio | Part 1

AME Conference in Cleveland stretched for four days from October 31st to November 3rd. During the event we visited touring sponsored facilities where we could see how companies are applying excellence practices. We also heard companies share during breakout sessions their lean stories.

AME Conference 2023 with Gary | Part 2

In part two of the AME Conference 2023 in Cleveland Ohio, Gary Peterson gives a presentation on "One on ones matter, if you don't have time, try Leader Standard Work". Gary gives the story of the lean journey at O.C. Tanner, talk about the importance of coaching, and shares the Shingo model.

Tiny Tim Foundation for Kids Service

We spend several hours tracing, drilling, and sanding wood toy cars for the Tiny Tim Foundation for Kids in West Jordan Utah. It's a wonderful part of work when you get a chance to go out in the community and serve to help those in need. This is an important part of being a fantastic human being to appreciate and show gratitude for what we have.

Leadership Series with Gary Peterson | Part One

Gary Peterson has been with O.C. Tanner for over 35 years. Now as President of Supply Chain, he shares the wisdom of leadership he has learned. He shares a story about how caring for others leads them to produce better results. The principles he shares are now being recognized around the world for the large-scale impacts they are having across all industries.
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