Strategy Deployment

How Goal Results are Shared in the Supply Chain

At the end of a six month goal setting period called strategy deployment, 35 teams share their results with leadership and with the whole company in a fair type setting. This process creates a healthy collaboration across departments and elevates the company as a whole.

The Big Deals for Strategy Planning

In this quick episode we describe the process of sharing the current condition the company currently faces and how we as a Supply Chain define the big deals. These then turn into goals and target conditions through catchball after we cascade the information down to the teams. We also take the opportunity for team building by sharing in activities at the offsite.

New Strategy Draft and Final Reporting

We learn about what comes after the strategy cascade and catchball meetings with drafting and reporting. Drafting is when the executives listen to the ideas managers came up with regarding strategy deployment and reporting is where managers then share those goals with all the other teams in manufacturing.

Strategy Catchball

This weeks O.C. Tanner's leaders share what they learned from the offsite with their team in a cascading meeting. In this meeting the strategy deployment initiatives are shared and then teams split off into catchball meetings to talk about how goal setting and how to achieve results.

Strategy Offsite Twice a Year

We learn more leadership principles to elevate the bar. We discuss the process of reviewing current condition in the first day and what is the top priority and focus for the second day. Gary takes the opportunity to teach his leaders and challenge them to be better and be engaged in doing hard things.

End of Strategy Deployment

Watch as several teams report their results at the end of a six month strategy period. Each team tracked and recorded their progress through defining a target statement, lead, and lag measure. Hear Gary talk about the Best of Show and what it took to achieve the recognition.

Strategy Fair February 28, 2023

Forty different teams in the Supply Chain and some from the outside celebrated the end of another great six months. This is one of the ways we share great ideas and Yokoten.

Leaders Gemba Production

The Supply Chain leaders visit 35 production and support teams every three months to hear their improvements and progress during strategy deployment. Hear from Mike as he shares his learnings and insights as a leader and how the Gemba helps him make better decisions. Gary also shares his thoughts on how the visits have evolved over time as team members become more engaged in the process.

Strategy Deployment System

Gary Peterson dives in to explain the strategy development system and how leaders and team members get engaged in the process. Gary gives various examples of past goals the production teams have set, as well as the end result. He shares how leaders embrace and support the process instead of being a hinderance.

Strategy Deployment End Results

Check out several examples of team reports on strategy deployment project goals from several teams including Logistics, Safety, and Production. See their engagement as they describe the work they did over a six month period to make significant progress.

The Supply Chain Strategy Wall

Gary describes the principles and systems used to allow an engaged improvement process to take place in production owned by the team members themselves who set their own stretch goals and objectives over a six month period. Listen closely to how the process works.

Lead, Lag, and Target Condition for Goal Setting

In this video, Mike will define what are lead and lag statements and how to write them. He'll also show us how target conditions can be written to effectively achieve your goals. He gives a couple examples of how to accomplish your objectives using lead, lag, and target conditions.

Supply Chain Strategy Fair

See the engagement from team members as they share their goals and improvements with each other in a fair setting.

Strategy Deployment Expo | March 2024

The O.C. Tanner Factory Floor Supply Chain hosts an end of strategy event after six months of hard work. More than 35 teams report on their results from a target statement, lead, and lag goal setting process. Here they share their findings with other teams by sharing through Yokoten. The energy from the event is incredible to feel and watch.
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