Safety and Wellness System – S2 E24

Hanh and Chavalah share what our safety system looks like at O.C. Tanner. They show the safety catch system and how employees engage in keeping our company employees safe. The wellness process is also discussed with lunch and learn as well as onsite gym and clinic.

5S System Defined – S2 E23

Phil takes us through the basic elements of our 5S system at O.C. Tanner and the benefits of having such a great system. He breaks down the different 5S principles and shows examples of applications in a production team. Development and training is a big part of maintaining an active and improving 5S system.

Cost Savings System – S2 E21

In the last video we showed you how to calculate cost savings when coming up with improvements, now we show you those savings in action! Nate, our systems owner, walks you through how O.C. Tanner has been using this cost savings system and takes you to a production line to show an example of a recent improvement.

Team meetings and huddles system – S2 E1

Otto, the system owner, defines the huddle and team meeting system. He talks about the benefits and it's purpose. We also hear from leaders and team members from the Acrylic team as they describe their experiences and views of huddles and meetings.

Yokoten System – S1 E25

Nate defines the Yokoten system here at O.C. Tanner and how it's currently being administered, but it changes all the time, so in six months it could look different. He also meets with Hyrum to talk about how the Acrylic set of six teams use Yokoten to facilitate a change to all six final assembly stations.

The Coaching System – S1 E24

Adam explains the coaching system and what it represents for the development and growth of our people. It's the foundation of respect for people and helping them identify their intrinsic value and untapped potential. Find out how we find and retain good people through a stickle brick exercise.

Abnormality System – S1 E14

See Benita explain the purpose of an abnormality system and see examples of it happening on the Factory Floor at O.C. Tanner. Carrie also gives us real feedback on how it's working for her and a few suggestions for improvements to the system. Continuous improvement mindset allows systems to get better everyday.

Training using Kanban cards – S1 E7

You'll see how Kanban cards can effectively produce an even flow of efficient training using the same principle of producing product on the line.