Topic: Leadership

The Work Place Podcast

Episode 11 - Tim Gunn  

This episode, we talk with Tim Gunn about mentorship, leading with authenticity, fashion, and fencing. Fencing? Okay. Tim shares the secrets of cultivating winning teams (hint: it’s not coddling them), and Andrew dreams a dream of a Tim Gunn / Tarantino mashup.

Before he became a household name as the Emmy award-winning host of Project Runway, Tim Gunn spent nearly 30 years mentoring and inspiring generations of students as a professor at the Parsons School of Design in New York City. His latest book is titled The Natty Professor: A Master Class on Mentoring, Motivating, and Making It Work, and it’s absolutely packed with wit, wisdom, and insights—much like the man himself.

Tim Gunn was interviewed by Mindi Cox, the Senior Vice President of People & Great Work at O.C. Tanner and a seasoned speaker in her own right.

Their conversation took place on the main stage at Influence Greatness 2018, so if it sounds like they’re in a big auditorium in front of a huge audience, it’s because they are.