Q1 2021 Product Update


SOLUTION IMPACT DASHBOARD: Recognition plays a critical role in helping employees thrive at work. Our clients love seeing their program’s impact across the organization. In partnership with the O.C. Tanner Institute, we’ve developed a model to demonstrate three impact measures in the program, your business and culture.  We’ve made it easier than ever to visualize the impact of recognition within these areas in the new Solution Impact Dashboard accessible directly within “Admin Home.”

In addition to many detailed reports and dashboards, we provide overall summary insight into who is participating in giving and receiving recognition across the organization and the trend over time.

PULSE SURVEY DASHBOARDS: We have created two dashboards to better understand the sentiment and impact of recognition happening in your organization. These dashboards are populated by employee survey data.

The Tactical Impact Survey Dashboard shows overall program insights – such as satisfaction, observed recognition, and program familiarity - and compares results with our top 20 clients.

The Culture and Business Impact Survey Dashboard shows the cultural sentiment, NPS, and intention-to-leave differences between employees who have received recognition within 30 days compared to those who received recognition more than 30 days ago.

NEW INTEGRATIONS: We continue connecting employee recognition with the tools that employees use everyday. New this quarter is an integration with Microsoft Teams and give experience extensions for Safari and Firefox. Each of these native integrations offer a simple way for employees to give eCards that can be tracked as part of your recognition program.

The Teams integrations helps celebrate personal victories or team wins by making it easy to send recognition within the tool. Client administrators will be able to add the Culture Cloud app to their Teams environment for employees to adopt into their workflows. Users can select an award level, add a personal message, send eCards or nominations and give points.

Recognition sent using the Safari and Firefox extensions will look the same as recognition sent from the Culture Cloud website, and it will be recorded in Reports.
Users of these extensions must have permission to send recognition from Culture Cloud and only recipients with permission to receive recognition will be visible.