Q2 2021 Product Update


GROUP DEPOSITS: We help deliver employee recognition in a variety of ways, including Group Deposit where an admin can deposit points to a group of employees as well as personalize an email to communicate the reason for the recognition. We’ve simplified the experience and given admins more control in tailoring the group deposit communication.

INITIATIVES: Bringing culture-building recognition activities to the team level, we have added several new enhancements to our Initiatives feature. Initiative hosts can now request points from a budget approver, even in the middle of a campaign. This will help ensure that all eligible participants have the chance at receiving the award they deserve and sharing in an Initiatives success. Further, we’ve added Zero-point, or social only, auto-approvals to jumpstart team initiatives not tapping into a budget.

To improve consistency and distribution of email notifications, we’ve introduced a clean and concise redesign helping admins, hosts and participants to easily take action in Initiatives.

REPORTING - DATA EXPORT TOOL: For client programs that include the budget report, you’ll notice the addition of CDC fields (client defined). These additional CDC fields will default to available with the option to turn off through report configuration. To simplify field selections, we’ve added new row filters for the activity and orders reports as well as the addition of column filters for the activity report. We have also added a new data export file type of pipe delimited.txt.

Lastly, O.C. Tanner provides web-based SaaS solutions and given Microsoft’s announcement to no longer support Internet Explorer 11, we will follow suit. All of our program functionality is available with an internet connection and a modern desktop or mobile browser. The following browsers are supported: Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox

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