Enjoy all of the Culture Cloud platform functionality in the applications you use every day. Whether it’s a partner integration or a custom use of our REST APIs, Culture Cloud integrations infuse recognition into your everyday activities.

Culture Cloud for Slack

The Culture Cloud app for Slack brings recognition into the flow of work, where people can celebrate great work right when they see it happen and easily send recognition to their colleagues!

What is Slack ?

Slack is a communication platform for teams, offering real-time messaging, file sharing, and integration with other tools to streamline collaboration.

Why Slack + Culture Cloud?

By connecting with Slack, we're bringing the power of recognition directly into the flow of work, where teams collaborate every day. With the Culture Cloud App, team members can easily send recognition from inside slack, with a simple slash command.

Recognize with Slack

In the Culture Cloud App for Slack, recognition can be seamlessly integrated into your team's daily communication. Giving recognition is simple and fun!

Users can select an award level, add a personal message, send eCards or nominations, and give points. Recognition sent using the Culture Cloud App for Slack will appear to the recipient the same way recognition sent from the Culture Cloud platform appears. Users of the Culture Cloud for Slack app must have permission to send recognition within the Culture Cloud program.

Step-by-Step Guide: Integrating Culture Cloud with Slack

Follow these simple steps to seamlessly connect the power of appreciation with your daily collaboration on Slack:

  1. Open Slack, scroll to the "Apps" section and select the "Culture Cloud" icon
  2. Click the "Sign in" button and authenticate using your Culture Cloud credentials
  3. Give Recognition!

Get Support

For support, reach out to your internal administrator for Slack. To reach out to O.C. Tanner directly, you can contact us at

Questions, comments, concerns?

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