An easy way to appreciate teammates

Culture Cloud employee recognition eCard experience on the mobile app.

Why people love recognition eCards


Everyone can send and receive eCards


Send to an individual or a group, with or without points attached

Culture Cloud employee recognition eCards include a custom message from the sender.


Thank, support, or celebrate in a matter of minutes


Recognize anything from a career milestone to a quick task turnaround

How recognition eCards work

Choose your recipient(s)

Attach (optional) points

Employee recognition point levels

Add a personal note

Select media

Culture Cloud employee recognition eCards include many designs to accompany the recognition message


Culture Cloud offers an extensive library of gifs to choose from. Users can also upload their own photos or videos, and companies can work with our custom program branding team to create their own eCards.

Employees also have the option to schedule a send date, cc a manager, align the eCard to a core company value, and/or share the eCard on your company social wall.

eCards are one of many research-driven recognition tools and services in the Culture Cloud platform.

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