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Employee Recognition

Employee recognition
that delivers lasting impact

The Culture Cloud™ employee recognition platform offers more ways to give, receive, and measure recognition than any other. And that means more employees feel appreciated, do their best work, and stay. Explore the elevated employee experience.


increased odds of great work when organizations have highly integrated recognition.

O.C. Tanner Institute

“O.C. Tanner had the tools, systems, people, and expertise we were looking for. They brought best-in-class recognition to American.”

Beril McManus

Senior Manager, Recognition and Engagement, American Airlines

Endless opportunities to appreciate

Far more Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For use Culture Cloud to elevate the employee experience than any other recognition platform.

Set the stage for a stellar career

With Culture Cloud, you can welcome employees to your company the right way—with a thoughtful, personal experience that reinforces your purpose and brand and fosters a sense of connection.


When employees feel their onboarding process is exceptional, they’re 2.5 times more likely to be extremely satisfied with their workplace. Learn more

No success is too small to celebrate

Culture Cloud’s diverse set of recognition tools makes it easy to celebrate everything from everyday wins to major triumphs, creating a great overall employee experience with real business outcomes.


Thriving cultures with great employee experiences are 2x more likely to have increased in revenue. Learn more

Reward hard work and tenacity

Culture Cloud is built on research showing that recognition should match the moment. When employees go the extra mile, our recognition tools rise to the occasion.


After IAG launched a new recognition program on Culture Cloud, the odds of employees reporting stronger discretionary effort increased by 136% for every nomination received per month. Learn more

Build workplace community organically

With prompts, social tools, and integrations, Culture Cloud ensures that employees can easily recognize one another.


When recognition happens regularly in teams, the odds of having a strong community increase. Learn more

Recognize the whole employee

Culture Cloud supports work-life integration and wellbeing with recognition solutions for achievements and milestones that happen outside office hours.


of companies with strategic, holistic wellbeing programs saw improvements in their company cultures. Learn more

Features and capabilities

Culture Cloud Employee Recognition includes access to:

Track and measure what matters to you, and understand program impact.
Admin tools
Spark participation, gather feedback, and manage your budget. We have tools for all of it.
Culture Cloud connects to the apps and systems you use every day, so recognition is frictionless.
Learn more
Mobile app
Never miss a crucial moment to recognize someone. Giving and receiving recognition on the go is easy.
Program branding
and communication
Your recognition program can reflect your company’s look, feel, and voice.
Research, education,
and assessment
Unparalleled culture and recognition expertise drives everything we do. And we love sharing our findings.
Learn more
Client support
and strategy
Our team supports you at every step to ensure the success of your program.
Learn more

Article — 5 minute read

How Recognition Can Help You Become an Employer of Choice

When recognition is integrated into the everyday employee experience, it’s a powerful strategy to help your organization attract and retain top talent.

Be in good company

Let’s build it together

Strengthen your culture with the Culture Cloud recognition platform today.

Celebrations made simple

Recognition that includes everyone can be a challenge. Culture Cloud™ makes it easy.

Countless reasons to celebrate


Employees are five times more likely to stay when regularly acknowledged for good work.


of organizations find O.C. Tanner's award selection to be better than its competitors.(TechValidate survey 2021)


Organizations that practice recognition effectively are twelve times more likely to have strong business results including increases in shareholder return.

Celebrations they’ll remember

Create events that become culture-building peak experiences, where people feel they belong to something special.

Group Deposits

A fast, easy way to recognize all your employees at once with a points deposit.


Let employees choose from a thoughtful selection of gifts.

Corporate Swag

Give a custom, branded gift that your people will love.

Custom Swag Boxes and Bags

Help employees show their company pride.

We take care of it all

From sourcing to supply chain, from concept to delivery, from data management to shopping, we have the expertise and the technology to cover every detail.

Delight employees worldwide

We partner with top suppliers around the globe, send awards into 150+ countries, and have full translation capabilities.

"We use Group Deposits to reward employees for participating in company-wide competitions and initiatives. It has boosted engagement and encouraged participation in business-led initiatives. Ease of use has meant this has become the standard method of reward across our business."

- Treasury Wine Estates

"Our annual holiday gift has become an important part of our employee experience and workplace culture. O.C. Tanner handles the design, order, and delivery of our gifts in a meaningful way. They've been our partner of choice for 10 years."

- Healthcare system in the Midwest

"We've been thrilled to see employees continue to enjoy their backpacks as they take it with them to the office and on summer adventures. The gift was a hit! O.C. Tanner helped us recognize and delight our workplace community."

- Hospital in the Northeast

"We used Group Deposits for the organization-wide Heartfelt Thanks issuance of 100 points as a thank you for another strong year in difficult times. Group Deposits provides us with a perfect tool to reward our employees in a consistent manner across a diverse set of teams, functions, and geographical locations."

Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG)

How our clients celebrate

Recognizing everyone during challenging times

Read More

Welcome new employees with a custom gift

Read More

Rewarding excellence with company swag package

Read More

Celebrate with the perfect gift for every employee

Read More

What are you waiting for?

The most important experiences are the ones we share together. Start celebrating today, with Culture Cloud Celebrations.

Culture Cloud gives you more ways to recognize more often.

Recognize throughout the year with Culture Cloud: the most complete collection of employee recognition software and services.

Developing thriving
workplace cultures at

U.S. Bank logoDow logoGE Appliances logoHarvard University logoBASF logo

More ways to recognize more often

Make recognition social

Spread positive vibes and see great work go viral with likes, comments, and points.

Come together with Company Celebrations

Honor major milestones with group point deposits or custom awards.

Achieve with team initiatives

Set goals, align effort, and help teams accomplish great things together.

Celebrate life events

Birthdays, weddings, babies and new homes are moments worth celebrating too.

Reward healthy habits

Integrations with Virgin Pulse let you give rewards for wellbeing achievements.

Connect with one-to-ones

Give recognition face-to-face, plan goals, co-create agendas, and celebrate progress.

See impact as it happens.

Make culture thrive

Culture impact data helps you plan, act, and track improvements on the fly.

Keep great employees

See how many employees are likely to stay or leave so you can take preventive action.

“We absolutely love working with O.C. Tanner. It has been a tremendous collaboration.”

—Andrea Procaccino, Chief Learning Officer and the Vice President of Talent Development and Diversity, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Give, receive, and shop.
Here, there, and everywhere.

Bots, plug-ins, and integrations

Access Culture Cloud wherever you work. In email, browsers, collaboration apps and more.

Top rated mobile app

Create meaningful recognition moments on the go, wherever you may go.

Offline and face-to-face

Enhance the digital experience with certificates, notes, vouchers, presentations, and custom awards.

Transform service awards into celebrations people love.

All the awards employees want most

Gift cards. Cool tech. Top brands. Adventure. Custom awards. Charitable giving.

Custom awards tell a story no other awards can: yours

Symbols matter. Create your own collection of iconic awards that honor important events, define your culture, and become objects of desire employees can’t get anywhere else.

Your data. Your tools. Your way.

Make appreciation flow freely with timely nudges, tips, and reminders.
Our survey tool helps you benchmark, track, and adapt to employee sentiment.
Our self-serve budget tool makes managing dollars and encouraging participation easy.


Pick the package that fits your organization and culture.

Recognition Standard

The essentials for building a thriving employee recognition program.

Features included

Individual & group recognition
Social feed
Award levels
Notifications & languages
Reporting & analytics
Customer & user support
Standard communication play library
Initiatives & group incentives
3rd party integration
Manager dashboard for teams
iOS & Android
Budget management
Offline tools, award codes, & award certificates
Proxy capabilities
Nomination recommendations

Recognition Premium

Additional customization and controls for a powerful, personalized program.

All standard features plus

Role & approval-based recognition
Tailored award levels
Company rewards management
Recognition brand foundation development
Branded program theme
Customized communication plays
Language support
Custom award certificates
Solution design

Anniversaries Standard

The essentials for building a thriving employee service award program.

Features included

Digital & printed Yearbook
Best-in-class service awards
Peer comments & languages
Leader comment reminders
Reporting & analytics
Customer & user support
Presentation tips
Dedicated client success team
Standard communication play library
Off-year anniversaries and birthdays

Anniversaries Premium

The most advanced, customizable service award solution on the market.

All standard features plus

Custom development
Branded program theme
Customized communication plays
Language support
Custom award certificates
Expert services

Not sure which plan is right for you?
Give us a call. 801-493-3388


Do I need implementation services?

Our one-time implementation services are a great way for new Culture Cloud customers to get started. With our team of culture experts at your side, you’ll get the personal support and advice to make sure you and your organization are set up for success.

Do you provide customer support?

Our client success team is available to answer burning questions, help you master the employee experience, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your program. All that plus our Help Center, which contains educational resources for your employees so they’ll never feel lost.

How does Culture Cloud save my company money?

We make awards available at market price, so when your employees redeem their points, there’s more budget and more awards to choose from. By only charging a software seat-fee and one-time implementation fee, we can deliver the industry's best value and most positive impact on workplace culture—and your bottom line.

Is there a minimum agreement amount?

All pricing is per employee, per month, and is billed monthly. The minimum annual agreement is $62,000 for Culture Cloud Recognition and $23,000 for Culture Cloud Service Awards.

How long are your agreements?

The minimum agreement term is a 3-year subscription. We do offer longer-term agreements to help create more certainty around future costs.

What kind of ROI can I expect?

Our customers report higher employee engagement and productivity, while individual employees report increased happiness and motivation. Global research proves that in companies where recognition is common, turnover rates decrease significantly. Culture Cloud isn’t just an investment in your culture, it’s an investment in your employees that has a direct, positive impact on your bottom line.

What is your approach to data security and privacy?

Culture Cloud is trusted by companies around the world to keep their information secure and private. It is essential that we earn the trust of our customers and keep it. For additional information, please see the Security and Privacy page as well as our Privacy Policy.

What integrations are available with Culture Cloud?

Culture Cloud integrations put recognition into the tools your employees use every day, offering an easy, seamless experience with minimal change management. Culture Cloud has open APIs, integrations with HCM/HRIS systems like Workday and SAP, as well as with business tools like Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Teams, and Yammer. We integrate with all SAML 2.0 SSO providers like Okta, and of course, we have iOS and Android mobile apps, so you and your employees can send recognition wherever they work.

Other questions?


Our best-in-class approach to technology security means you can rest easy and focus on building your workplace culture.

Data security

Our data security policies, processes, and practices are airtight—with all systems and solutions crafted and selected with security and privacy in mind. We use internal and external audits to validate the security of our controls, processes, practices, policies, and tools of our multi-tenant SaaS mode (delivered via web and mobile applications). And to protect our customer data, industry-leading software and hardware-based DMZ infrastructure with firewalls are used on both internet-facing and internal systems-facing infrastructure. No sensitive information is stored on web servers, ever.  

Verified enterprise-level protections

We routinely undergo third party quarterly vulnerability and annual penetration testing, as well as numerous on-site audits by some of the world’s largest defense contractors and global financial services organizations and have been deemed to be compliant with their standards as well as other industry regulations. Culture Cloud follows NIST CSF and NIST SP-800-53A guidelines, which we use to do a cross-mapping to the ISO controls though reciprocity. Controls are validated through our SOC 2, Type II reports and are in compliance with PCI DSS v3.2.

System uptime and delivery of data

The system can be scaled horizontally (by adding servers or app instances) with no downtime—typically done behind a load balancer. We can do the same to scale vertically onto more powerful hardware and have already optimized our processing power based on historical peak loads. For the services directly related to our Employee Recognition solutions, we operate from a private cloud with system performance monitoring and ongoing maintenance. The front-end systems that support our SaaS solution leverage industry standard cloud providers.

Secure access and safeguards

O.C. Tanner allows for single sign-on using SAML 2.0 or federated login, configurable based on client needs. If the client uses federated SSO, our rules will adhere to your rules. This allows access to O.C. Tanner’s system from a company’s tech stack without an additional login. Our rest APIs are JSON Format for data parameters and Auth2 is used for authentication. Our SaaS operates as a three-tiered web environment, with firewalls in front of the web servers and between the web servers and application servers. IDS/IPS monitors traffic at all internet borders. All customer facing web applications must use TLSv1.2 or higher encryption for all pages where sensitive information may be displayed or entered. All production data and backup data is encrypted at rest using 256-bit AES. Where practical, encryption is hardware based. These data transmission and encryption standards apply to systems hosted in O.C. Tanner’s data centers, as well as by contracted cloud providers.

Data privacy and controls

Our corporate governance program monitors international regulatory requirements that are relevant to our business functions. O.C. Tanner is cognitive of the evolving landscape of data security and privacy laws, proving to be adaptable to related legislation and best practices. A third-party validates and certifies all of our policies, practices, and tools. We are SOC 2, Type II certified.

Global compliance

We follow all applicable laws and industry regulations. O.C. Tanner has an established framework to track and respond to individual rights of disclosure and deletion provided to individuals under applicable regional, state, federal, and international privacy regulations. We identify data that relates to individuals across diverse systems and platforms and provide such data in a machine-readable format. We have considered the application of these privacy regulation requirements within our information technology systems that handle personal information. Our security procedures and practices are continuously reviewed and updated to be appropriate to the nature of the protected information.

Award Store

Where recognition points turn into employee rewards

Why people love the Culture Cloud Award Store


Employees can redeem points for rewards that match their lifestyles and interests


Employees enjoy intuitive shopping, a comprehensive award selection, and reminders of why they were recognized


Access consolidated invoicing and reporting around award redemption, delivery, and tracking


Worldwide address verification means we can fulfill no matter where your employees work

How the
Award Store works

Shop for reward(s) within your available points range

Adds item(s) to your cart

Enter shipping information and check out

The reward(s) ships straight from us to you

Award Store shopping is a fun, easy experience. Employees can search by keyword, browse by brand or category, filter by sub-category, and view recommended products. They can also save items to a wishlist.

Our vast selection is based on current trends and consumer data and spans dozens of categories, including experiences, sports and outdoors, health and beauty, and more. Product descriptions offer detailed info about each item.

The Award Store is one of many much-loved recognition tools and services in the Culture Cloud platform.


An easy way
to appreciate

Why people love recognition eCards


Everyone can send and receive eCards


Send to an individual or a group, with or without points attached


Thank, support, or celebrate in a matter of minutes


Recognize anything from a career milestone to a quick task turnaround

How recognition eCards work

Choose your recipient(s)

Attach (optional) points

Add a personal note

Select media


Culture Cloud offers an extensive library of gifs to choose from. Users can also upload their own photos or videos, and companies can work with our custom program branding team to create their own eCards.

Employees also have the option to schedule a send date, cc a manager, align the eCard to a core company value, and/or share the eCard on your company social wall.

eCards are one of many research-driven recognition tools and services in the Culture Cloud platform.


The universal
currency of

Why people love giving and receiving points


Everyone can send and receive points along with eCards


Employees can redeem points for rewards that resonate with them


Points can fuel anything from peer-to-peer recognition to company-wide celebrations


Administrators can set point values to suit their budgets and needs

How points work

Send points to recipient(s)

Recipient redeems points in the Award Store

Once you’ve determined your company’s points criteria, the sky’s the limit.

Employees can recognize one another with points, program managers can tie points to team goals and initiatives, and leaders can celebrate company anniversaries and other key moments with group points deposits.

We’ll help you determine the right point value and distribution plan.

Backed by research, points are one of many recognition tools and services in the Culture Cloud platform.


Connection forms the foundation of work culture

Request a Demo

Clear goals.
Fluid communication

Enable your team to connect and collaborate, to succeed and celebrate together.

Purpose is powerful

Rally Teams

Goals and timelines on the road to success

Manage Performance

Organize and track to deliver big

One Platform Endless Possibilities

All the programs you need—no limits

Build Skills

Support growth and hone dynamic teams

Critical Connection

Reward on merit
Ensure equity
Committed DEIB

Come together

Because every person is so much more than a job title. Help team members be their authentic selves at work, support what they care about, and make a difference.

Team Spring Clean

Blood Donation

Throw a Birthday Party

Become a Mentor

Soup Kitchen Service

Habitat for Humanity

Employees with strong connections to their team are 10x more likely to thrive at work


Employees with strong connections to their team are 10x more likely to thrive at work

Features and capabilities

Every Culture Cloud recognition program includes access to:

Program consolidation

Make more of your time with streamlined efficiency for everyone.


Create a reporting tree and easily upload participants from a CSV file.


Define specific award levels, set point values, and reward great work.

Self serve

Initiatives is entirely self-serve so you can make any outcome happen.

Mobile app

Keep your team up to date and moving forward from anywhere.

Be in good company

GE Appliances logoHarvard University logoBASF logo

Let’s build it together

Team up with our client strategists. Tap into the expertise of our O.C. Tanner Institute. Start building a thriving culture with Culture Cloud today.


Enjoy all of the Culture Cloud platform functionality in the applications you use every day. Whether it’s a partner integration or a custom use of our REST APIs, Culture Cloud integrations infuse recognition into your everyday activities.

We're continually adding new integrations and enhancing our API functionality to keep recognition at everyone’s fingertips.

Microsoft Teams

The Culture Cloud Microsoft-certified Teams application brings recognition into Microsoft Teams, where people are collaborating and doing great work in real time. Available for download in the Microsoft App Marketplace.


Embed Culture Cloud right into your everyday Workday flow, creating a seamless employee experience. Automatically enroll employees, review recognition events, and more.


Our native Slack integration offers a streamlined recognition experience, making it simple for users to nominate a peer, add a personal note, or send an eCard without ever leaving Slack.


Our Yammer integration enables users to give recognition directly from inside Yammer, while also displaying recognition earned inside the social feed, giving people the full recognition experience without ever leaving the social network.


The Microsoft-certified Culture Cloud Outlook add-on can be installed right from the Microsoft App Marketplace. Send an eCard or nominate a peer simply by clicking on the Culture Cloud icon in your Outlook ribbon.


Our Gmail add-on makes it simple to recognize your colleagues right from your inbox. Select the colleague you want to recognize or nominate, include a personalized message, and send recognition, without ever leaving your inbox.


With the Culture Cloud Chrome extension, giving recognition has never been easier. Just pin the icon to the browser’s task bar, and recognition is at your fingertips anytime you’re using the internet—right from your browser.

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge extension brings recognition right into your browser extension. Nominate a peer or send an eCard to a colleague directly from the Edge browser.


The Safari extension keeps recognition ready to deploy. No need to navigate to the Culture Cloud platform—you can recognize great work right from the Safari browser.


Our Firefox extension is a simple and elegant solution for Firefox users. Celebrate your colleagues and give recognition directly from Firefox.


The Microsoft-certified Culture Cloud Sharepoint app can be embedded in a Sharepoint site or intranet—display company-wide recognition directly to your Sharepoint site and show off all the great work that’s going on.

Virgin Pulse

Our unique partnership with Virgin Pulse allows users to integrate their wellbeing platform points and recognition points for a consolidated rewards experience.


Our partnership with Zebra allows your frontline employees to access Culture Cloud, giving them the ability to send/receive recognition, redeem points, approve nominations—all from their handheld device or tablet.

API Library

Culture Cloud’s APIs lets your recognition program connect and communicate with your HRIS, intranet, performance management, referrals, wellbeing, or CRM software—so you can share data and maximize your program’s impact.

What’s on your integration wish list?


Enjoy all of the Culture Cloud platform functionality in the applications you use every day. Whether it’s a partner integration or a custom use of our REST APIs, Culture Cloud integrations infuse recognition into your everyday activities.

API Library

We're continually adding new integrations and enhancing our API functionality to keep recognition at everyone’s fingertips.


Send an eCard from the systems you already use—no need to log in to your recognition program. The current population file is used for givers and receivers and is based on the user’s permissions to send and receive eCards.

How it’s being used

• A healthcare client uses this API on their website to allow patients to send eCards to their nurses and doctors

• A large resort client uses this API to automatically send eCards to employees on their 90-day anniversary


Nominate employees for awards directly from the systems you use everyday. The current population file is used for givers and receivers and is based on the user’s permissions to send and receive nominations.

How it’s being used

• A financial client created trigger-based nominations for their various systems. For them, nominations are triggered for KPIs like phone call volume, issue resolutions, etc.


Deposit points directly into a user’s account. You can set specific goals and have the reward trigger automatically as they’re reached.

How it’s being used

• An automotive client uses this API for an internal innovation program.

• A financial services client uses point deposits for their travel cost savings.

• A professional services client deposits points from a self-managed recognition program into Culture Cloud Recognition.


Extract and display the recognition program point balance for each individual employee on the system(s) you already use to display information.

How it’s being used

• An insurance client uses this API to display point balances on their intranet.


Broadcast achievements of your employees on an intranet page, public TV monitors, social tools, or other internal system. The information displayed will be the same as what is provided on the event feed for your recognition program.

How it’s being used

• Multiple clients across many different industries use the social feed to increase the visibility of great work being done at their organization.


Display all of the recognition each employee has given or received directly on your existing systems (like intranet page, performance management system, etc.) so their activity can easily be reviewed. The sender and receiver’s name, date sent, recognition type, and message can all be included in the display.

How it’s being used

• An insurance client displays their recognition history on their intranet site.

Get started in no time.

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