The universal currency of employee appreciation

Culture Cloud employee recognition points experience includes a custom message and option to redeem in the award store.

Why people love giving and receiving points

Culture Cloud employee recognition mobile app


Everyone can send and receive points along with eCards


Employees can redeem points for rewards that resonate with them


Points can fuel anything from peer-to-peer recognition to company-wide celebrations

Culture Cloud budget tool showing remaining budget for employee recognition


Administrators can set point values to suit their budgets and needs

How points work

Send points to recipient(s)

Employee recognition point levels

Recipient redeems points in the Award Store

Culture Cloud Award Store

Once you’ve determined your company’s points criteria, the sky’s the limit.

Employees can recognize one another with points, program managers can tie points to team goals and initiatives, and leaders can celebrate company anniversaries and other key moments with group points deposits.

We’ll help you determine the right point value and distribution plan.

Backed by research, points are one of many recognition tools and services in the Culture Cloud platform.

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