Financial organizations with thriving cultures fare far better during periods of change and uncertainty. But what makes a thriving culture? In short, community—people experiencing a sense of belonging, sharing common values, and contributing to common goals.

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Real inclusion and diversity

In this classic episode of The Work Place, Namrata Yadav, Head of Inclusion Strategy at Bank of America, talks about how a true culture of belonging creates a safe, comfortable space for the vast range of human experiences and identities.

Four ways recognition builds inclusion

When it comes to cultivating inclusive cultures that foster a sense of belonging, there’s no such thing as a shortcut. But recognition can help you move the needle in real, measurable ways.

Making recognition moments that matter

Learn how CIBC’s recognition program transformation increased consistency, visibility, alignment, reach, and relevance for its diverse workforce of 45,000+ employees.

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Ready to put recognition to work in a way that aligns with your mission, values, and goals? Let’s co-create experiences that connect your people to purpose, increase engagement, and make recognition intrinsic to your culture. Book a meeting and become a recognition strategist today.

“Our employees are building relationships and memories with each other [...] Managers are in a position to help create those memorable experiences that tie the employee back to something bigger, especially during these times when everything feels so uncertain.”

- Samantha Elliot. Total Rewards Programs Lead, BASF

“We absolutely love working with O.C. Tanner. It has been a tremendous collaboration, with the key word there being 'collaboration'.”

- Andrea Procaccino, Chief Learning Officer and the Vice President of Talent Development and Diversity, NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP)

“Celebrate Great [through O.C. Tanner's Culture Cloud] serves as an ambassador of our culture across all regions and to all teams. It reinforces our core values, with every entry celebrating successes and recognizing peer accomplishments.”

- Sabrina Robison, SVP Chief Human Resources Officer, Heritage Bank

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