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Connection: The Key to Employee Engagement

Connection: The Key to Employee Engagement

We hear over and over again that employee engagement is low. A 2017 Gallup report shows 51% of the workforce is not engaged, and 16% are actively disengaged. What’s missing in our workplace cultures that has led to such low engagement?

Connection. Connection between people - between employees and their leaders. Between teams. Between people and their companies. We have so much technology at hand to bring us together, but it may actually cause us to drift apart. Think of the email or text you send to a coworker sitting right across from you. The instant message you send instead of picking up the phone.

This lack of connection leads to less collaboration, innovation, trust, and engagement. But companies can take active steps to build more interaction and relationships between their people, and use practices, like appreciation, to create a more integrated culture.

In this webinar, Mindi Cox, Senior Vice President of People and Great Work at O.C. Tanner, shares insights and best practices on how to create a more connected workforce in today’s increasingly disconnected environment.

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