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How a Culture of Health and Wellbeing Drives Business Results

How a Culture of Health and Wellbeing Drives Business Results

Traditional employee wellbeing programs are outdated. They fall short, often only focusing on physical wellness, with broad goals that don’t motivate employees. Not everyone needs to increase their step counts or water consumption, and not all employees like to mediate to de-stress.

There is a greater opportunity for organizations to truly impact employee wellbeing - by creating a workplace culture that is focused on their individual wellbeing.

How do you build this type of culture? How do you help employees adopt healthy behaviors that stick? What role do rewards and recognition have on changing habits?

In this webinar, Steven Day, Director of Wellbeing Solutions at O.C. Tanner, and Andrew Jacobus, Vice President of Insights and Analytics at Virgin Pulse, share how you can build employee wellbeing into your workplace culture. Steven and Andrew discuss why your wellbeing program may be outdated, the importance of personalization, social connections, and recognition when it comes to building healthy habits, and how to measure the impact of your wellbeing initiatives on business performance.

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