Make the most of Manufacturing Day

Thank. Them. All.

As you present your company and capabilities to the world this year, don’t forget to highlight—and appreciate—your people, too. See how Culture Cloud can help you recognize your people and strengthen your culture.

Recognizing employees on Manufacturing Day (and beyond)

Join O.C. Tanner Institute leaders Meghan Stettler and Gary Peterson, and Marc Geil, Global Director of Culture and Employee Experience at Wahl Clipper Corporation, as they discuss some of the most meaningful ways companies can appreciate offline employees.

Inspiration for your appreciation

Explore four great (and easy) ways to celebrate your people on Manufacturing Day.

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of manufacturing employees say productivity and bottom lines are more important to their organization than people

“While compensation is very important, the intrinsic motivation and public recognition can be more important: knowing my work impacts the organization, feeling that I’m significant, that people care for me and consider me as part of the larger organization ecosystem.”

Milind Apte, SVP of Human Resources, CEAT

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