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Topic: Culture

Don’t Stop Believin’: The Human Way to Transform Everyday Routines Into Workplace Magic

Erica Keswin with Insights from Meghan Stettler of O.C. Tanner Institute

What a multi-generational workforce really wants
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In this actionable webinar, bestselling author Erica Keswin shares the science and stories of rituals at work. Using examples from Harvard researchers and some of the most successful companies in the world, she describes how to ritualize the way we take breaks, eat, celebrate, and meet. As host, Meghan Stettler of O.C. Tanner Institute joins to moderate the discussion and provide further insights.

Discover how, by simply being intentional, leaders can turn everyday routines into workplace magic—and it doesn’t have to cost a penny. Learn why rituals are not only still relevant in a Covid-challenged world, but they’re more important than ever.

Join us to learn why:

• Rituals are good for business because they increase performance. When people feel like they belong, they are 47% more collaborative.
• Rituals help us all feel more connected to ourselves and each other. People who work at “high trust organizations” are 50% more productive.
• Rituals are available to everyone—including remote workers—plus they don’t have to cost a thing.

About the speakers:

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Erica Keswin, Bestselling Author and Speaker

Erica Keswin is a bestselling author, internationally sought-after speaker, and founder of the Spaghetti Project, a roving ritual devoted to sharing the science and stories of relationships at work. She helps top-of-the-class businesses, organizations, and individuals improve their performance by honoring relationships in every context, always with an eye toward high-tech for human touch. She was named one of Marshall Goldsmith’s Top 100 Coaches in 2020, as well as one of Business Insider’s most innovative coaches of 2020. Her first book, Bring Your Human to Work: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Design a Workplace That’s Good for People, Great for Business, and Just Might Change the World was published in 2018 by McGraw Hill. Her second book, Rituals Roadmap: The Human Way to Transform Everyday Routines Into Workplace Magic was published by McGraw Hill in January 2021. Both books debuted as Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

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Meghan Stettler, Director, O.C. Tanner Institute

A trusted voice for the O.C. Tanner Institute, most recently via its groundbreaking COVID-19 weekly webinars, Meghan specializes in knitting together key sentiments and perspectives to identify win-win strategies across the table for workplace culture success. As an award-winning journalist, Meghan has addressed over one million viewers, crafting compelling stories and programs for Al Jazeera in Qatar, News 12 New York, Network News Service, and PBS-KCET in Los Angeles. She has also led and captured hundreds of consumer brand experiences to build dozens of “real people” advertising campaigns for giants such as ESPN, Apple, Gap, and Advil.  

Prior to joining O.C. Tanner, she served as the lead energy diplomat for the State of Utah, forging partnerships with countries and companies in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, and the Indo-Pacific regions. She holds an MA from the University of Southern California, a dual BFA from Brigham Young University, and executive certificates in global business from New York University and Salt Lake Community College.

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