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Reinventing HR Tech with Guest Josh Bersin

Episode 6 - Josh Bersin

This episode, we talk with Josh Bersin about how the HR technology landscape is being reinvented to adapt to new demands and expectations from employees and employers alike. Josh shares what he’s learned from a lifetime studying the way we work, and Andrew admits he’s addicted to Oxytocin.

An analyst, author, educator, and thought leader, Josh Bersin has focused his expertise on understanding the challenges and trends impacting the global talent market. His lifelong study of the world of work and the talent technology market means he is often cited as one of the leading industry analysts in HR and beyond. Though he sold the firm he founded, Bersin and Associates, to Delloite a few years ago, Josh continues to be a major contributor to the annual Delloite Human Capital Trends report, as well as a powerful influencer in the HR world.

Josh was interviewed by Chris Drysdale, a writer and creative director who is wildly over-qualified for this job.

Host: Andrew Scarcella
Guest: Josh Bersin

Topics covered:

3:34 - Recognition programs and workflow

“It comes down to connecting, creating safety, sharing information, being vulnerable together, and having direction.”
—Josh Bersin

Tangible Takeaways:

The first is that self-awareness is the key to personal growth. Being honest about who you The first is that if you’re looking to add a new tool or technology for recognition, training, what have you, make sure it’s easy to integrate into your existing workflow. If it can’t be used within the systems people are already using to do their work, it won’t be adopted, and you won’t get the workplace culture you’ve been dreaming of.

The second is to worry less about what people are saying in annual surveys, and more about what they’re saying day to day. People’s daily, weekly, project-based experiences are a much better barometer. The new world, according to Josh Bersin, is poll surveys, check-ins, and more frequent conversations, where you’re capturing information about employees’ feelings and opinions in the moment, instead of just once a year.

The third is that I’m feeling a little low on Oxytocin, aren’t you? I think it’s time for a few thank yous to get my levels back up. Thank you to all the interviewers who made this podcast possible. Thank you to our sound engineer for making me sound better than I ought to. Thank you to YOU, the listeners and fans (do we have fans?) for giving us your attention and keeping me company on this journey of workplace exploration.  

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