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Shaping a Positive Work Environment with Guest Tiffany Mattick

Episode 5 - Tiffany Mattick

This episode, we talk with Tiffany Mattick about how to bring out the best in people by creating a thriving, high-performing culture. Tiffany shares her front-line experience encouraging effective behaviors and shaping a positive work environment, and Andrew reveals a hidden ability.

Host: Andrew Scarcella
Guest: Tiffany Mattick

Topics covered:

4:28 - Mentorship and being yourself at work

“It comes down to connecting, creating safety, sharing information, being vulnerable together, and having direction.”

6:02 - Bringing authenticity, vulnerability, and integrity to workplace culture

“I think people spend way too much time trying to be somebody they're not. And they actually can't show up authentically at work as their true self.”

9:20 - Stress management, anxiety, and physical awareness

“ I don't think you can separate work and life. It’s just not possible. So how can we be more compassionate?”

12:16 - Compassion at work, being human

13:34 - Women supporting women, personal accountability

“I don't think women are supporting each other in a way yet that is really bold and really courageous. I think we're still blocking each other. And I don't know what it’s gonna take for us to be more supportive of each other and really be right behind the woman next to you saying, ‘Yes you can.’”

Tiffany Mattick: Organizational Development Specialist at The Culture Coach. Formerly the Senior Director of Organizational Effectiveness at Thomson Reuters.


Tangible Takeaways:

The first is that self-awareness is the key to personal growth. Being honest about who you are, and where your true strengths lie, is the first, and perhaps biggest step to not only chasing the things you’re really interested in, but catching them.

2. The second is that women need to support each other more. Heck, we ALL need to support women more. Especially those trying to establish, or re-establish their careers. When you’re recruiting talent, are you overlooking candidates because of gaps in their resume? Is your workplace culture friendly and flexible for parents raising children? Have you taken any steps to reduce unconscious bias in your hiring process? Sometimes a little thought goes a long way.

3. The third is that MY superpower is flight. That’s right, I can fly. Only catch is that it takes me exactly as long as it would as if I was flying coach. I have to wait in line, take off my shoes at security, eat overpriced airport food, and sit on the tarmac while my wings are de-iced. But then . . . whooosh!

Your turn. What’s YOUR superpower? Tell me about it at and I’ll read off the best ones on a future episode.

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