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The Employee Perspective of Workplace Culture

season 2, episode 21

Welcome to The Work Place, where we’re hot on the trail of what makes great workplace cultures tick, and what we can all do to make the ones we work in better. I’m Andrew Scarcella.

This episode, we’re putting a bow on season 2 with a candid conversation between two employees (spoiler: it's Executive Producer Katie Clifford and host Andrew Scarcella) about their own personal perspectives of workplace culture. How has it changed over the last year, and how should it change as we claw our way out of this global crisis?

The first employee is our very own Executive Producer and interviewer at large, Katie Clifford. The second, I’m afraid, is me. I know, I was hoping for Shaq, too.

Katie and I are co-workers, so we share the same workplace culture. But our experience of it, what it’s like to work in it day to day, is, not-surprisingly, pretty different. How different? You’ll have to listen to find out. Let’s get to it.

And so ends season 2 of The Work Place. It’s been a weird year, but looking back, we’ve really managed to grow this little podcast into something I’m rather proud of. I hope you enjoy listening to it, because we have a great time making it.

We’ll be back in January for Season 3 with more curious interviews, more diverse and eclectic guests, and more practical insights into what makes great cultures great, and how we can shape the ones we work in to be open, accepting, and exceptional. Until then, keep being a force for good wherever you work.

This episode was written and read by yours truly—with additional writing, production, and sound design by Daniel Foster Smith.

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