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Celebrate Remotely, Appropriately: Fun Virtual Backgrounds

21 virtual backgrounds to energize your team Zoom celebrations

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April 22, 2024






For many teams, working remotely feels more and more normal. But it can also make us feel less connected to each other and put the benefits of teamwork at risk.

Fortunately, one of the best ways to narrow the gap is by celebrating events and accomplishments. And to help with that, we’ve created a series of background visuals to support any kind of celebratory video meeting.

There are animated versions for Zoom, as well as static options compatible with all conferencing platforms. We grouped them by occasion below, but use them however you like to express appreciation, create meaningful employee experiences, and bring your teams closer together—no matter where everyone’s actually working.

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Note: To download any of the static backgrounds below, click on the image, then right-click on the pop-up, and select any “save” option from the menu.

System Requirements:  Zoom, WebEx, Teams

Copyright © 2020 O.C. Tanner. The reproduction or redistribution of these designs for commercial purposes without express written permission is prohibited.

Recognize Accomplishments

Celebrating great work creates momentum that leads to more great work. Appreciate the accomplishments of individuals and teams with designs that say thanks, even when you’re on mute.

Celebrate Service Anniversaries

When done right, milestones such as anniversaries can be some of the biggest, most impactful events in a person’s career. These backgrounds supplement service awards, yearbooks, and heartfelt remarks to make such peak experiences more meaningful and memorable.

Highlight Life Events

Birthdays. Graduations. Babies. Promotions. Some personal landmarks are too big not to celebrate with coworkers. And if it merits a celebration, it deserves a proper background (in addition to a nice card and flowers).

Welcome New Hires

Imagine starting a job and meeting most of your team for the first time on a call. In the absence of handshakes, baked goods, and other in-person greetings, you can warm up the experience, set the right tone, and improve your first impression on new hires with a virtual welcome mat like one of these.

Honor Retirements

Don’t let physical distance get in the way of paying tribute to a retiring team member. These designs help you honor great careers and support a culture that values people as much on their last day as their first.

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