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7 Company Swag Box Ideas to Celebrate Employees

‍What’s all the buzz about company swag boxes? More and more companies have taken up the practice of gifting a box of branded products and yummy treats to welcome and engage employees. Something about opening a special delivery from the company you work for evokes immediate feelings of value and belonging.

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What makes a swag box a swag box?

Most people think of a swag box as a bunch of awesome merchandise gifted in a custom box used to welcome new hires to a team, including popular items like branded clothing and accessories, tech gadgets, and snacks.

That definition checks out, except for one thing: swag boxes aren’t just for welcoming new people to your team. Not by a long shot. And you don’t have to give predictable gifts, either. You can think outside the box with your box.

In addition to creating a memorable onboarding experience, today’s creative leaders turn to swag boxes for a variety of reasons to improve company culture and trigger positive employee engagement.

The perfect swag box for every occasion

Swag boxes can enhance almost any event, including recognition moments. Research in our recent Global Culture Report finds that integrated recognition dramatically increases the chances of employees feeling valued and included. The study notes that when recognition is “generic, impersonal, or rare,” it’s much less likely to hit the mark. 

Organizations can make recognition personal and more memorable by integrating a variety of recognition across many employee experiences—including recognition for great work, work anniversaries, and celebrating special occasions. Providing a swag box as part of a recognition experience certainly adds that variety.

But swag boxes can also make employee onboarding, company events, and just about any other type of team celebration even more fulfilling and engaging.

Keep reading for some of the top ways and occasions leaders employ custom swag boxes to help employees feel welcome, included, and more invested in their company.

A selection of branded company gifts that can be added to a company onboarding swag box for new employees, including a blanket, water bottle, snacks, and a notebook.

1. Onboarding swag boxes

What better way to welcome a new employee to your organization than with a surprise swag box delivered directly to their home? You’ll celebrate employees and welcome them to your team before they even step foot in the office. 

You can encourage employees to show their pride in their new organization by including wearable swag like tee shirts, hats, or sweatshirts. Plus, throw in a water bottle or coffee mug they can use at home or work. You’ll kick off the onboarding process with a bang, plus help improve workplace culture.

A selection of branded gifts for an employee appreciation company swag box. This includes gifts for a summer picnic with a basket, blanket, a cutting board, and a meaningful message from leaders.

2. Employee appreciation swag boxes

Sometimes you want to deliver a boost of appreciation for all of your employees. For example, Employee Appreciation Day serves as a great time of year for just about any organization to show appreciation with a swag box. For others, a timely appreciation for a special thank-you box might occur on Manufacturing Day, Construction Appreciation Week, or Hospital Week. 

A best practice for employee appreciation swag? Include a memorable gift employees can use often—like a versatile backpack or a set of quality earbuds.

A selection of branded gifts for a congratulatory company swag box, which includes gifts for a camping trip to encourage time away after completing a big project.

3. “Completing that big project” swag boxes

Nothing is quite as satisfying as seeing a team deliver the final phase of a months-long project that they really put their hearts into. Sometimes that high-quality work deserves some high-quality recognition, which can arrive in the form of a “mission accomplished” swag box. 

These gift boxes can include a congratulatory message for a job well done, as well as a few fun items and snacks to help team members celebrate their accomplishment. As always, a little thanks also contributes to a positive workplace culture. Think about gifts like a frisbee, sports water bottle, or bluetooth speaker—along with treats like popcorn, candy, and nuts.

A selection of branded gifts for a major company anniversary or company celebration. This includes a messenger bag, headphones, and an energy bar.

4. Company celebration swag boxes

Celebrating a company anniversary is another excellent time to break out the swag. Think of these company swag boxes as “brag swag.” Why? Because you’re not only celebrating the organization’s birthday, you’re also reminding employees how great it is to work at a place that cares about them and their contributions to the company’s success. 

When they throw on that cap or tee with your company logo, what they’re really saying is, “I work at a really cool place that cares about its people.” When they feel like they can brag about the place they work, you’re likely to retain employees even longer.

Swag boxes aren’t just for welcoming new people to your team. Not by a long shot. And you don’t have to give predictable gifts, either. You can think outside the box with your box.
A company swag box specifically for appreciating remote employees. This swag box includes items for traveling, like a duffel bag, sunglasses, luggage tags and a blanket.

5. Celebrate remote employees with swag boxes

Not everybody who works for your organization enjoys the benefits of regular interaction with others. That’s definitely the case with your hybrid or fully remote workers. It’s also a great way to reach out to employees who work in the field or away from desk jobs. Sending a special swag box to these team members can help you extend genuine recognition for their sometimes unseen efforts.

Another great time to offer some swag to remote employees is when they return to the office after working off-site for an extended period of time. As they adjust to a new work environment, a welcome-back-to-the-office gift box with an assortment of wearable gear and goodies can go a long way to make them feel like a valued member of the team.

A company swag box that acts as an invitation to an event for employees or customers. This includes a brochure for the event and other items that match the theme of the event.

6. “Get ready for an event” swag boxes

Are you inviting some of your employees—or important clients or prospects—to a company-sponsored event? Get them excited ahead of time by sending an event swag box featuring your company swag as well as items that match the theme of your event.

Likewise, when remote employees need to attend an event virtually, a “view party” swag box can help them feel included. The box can include snacks or beverages to enjoy while turning in for the event, as well as an event-branded shirt, hat, or even an event lanyard.

A company swag box for celebrating and appreciating a year of great work. This includes items for outdoor activities to encourage time away from the office to relax and recharge.

7. Year-end gifting swag boxes

At the end of the year, a season known for holidays, celebrations, and gift giving, many organizations choose to wrap up a few custom swag boxes and drop them in the mail. Giving recognition—and a few personal gifts—to employees who have worked hard all year can easily become a company tradition. 

For end-of-year gifting swag boxes, leaders can include seasonal greetings along with unique gifts and sweet treats, helping employees and their families to take pride in their organization. Great gifts for year-end include items like luggage, bags, blankets, and sunglasses.

Build company swag boxes—and company culture

Now that we’ve shared a few company swag box ideas, remember that you can get as creative as you want with your swag boxes. Modern leaders continue to build lasting connections with employees through memorable gift-giving experiences. They find creative ways to include branded swag with employee recognition, employee rewards, and other events.

When employees wear clothing or hats—or carry items with your company logo—they’re acting as ambassadors for your brand. That’s another reason why it’s crucial to build and maintain a culture of belonging and appreciation, a place where your employees can be proud to work and recommend to others.

To learn about even more ways to celebrate and recognize your employees, visit our Culture Cloud Celebrations page.

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