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Slow Down the Great Resignation With Appreciation

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The Great Resignation has companies wondering: how can we stop the flood of talent from walking out the door?

Research shows employees will stay longer at their organizations and do great work when they feel valued, appreciated, and connected. When they know they are making a difference. When they feel they matter. And right now is a critical time for companies to show appreciation to employees and recognize their efforts and accomplishments, before employees feel disconnected and start looking elsewhere.

As you plan for 2022 and beyond, let your people know how important they are. Recognition tools like Group Deposits through your O.C. Tanner recognition solution are a fast, easy way to thank everyone in your organization at once. It’s an effective way to say thank you, to celebrate together, and to show your appreciation for the people who helped you through this global pandemic.

When companies celebrate together and tie employees to a shared goal and purpose, employees are 20x more likely to feel connected to their organization and want to stay. —2022 Global Culture Report                                    

3 reasons why Group Deposits through Victories and Culture Cloud are a perfect way to show appreciation:

1. Group Deposits are fast and easy. Showing appreciation shouldn’t be complicated, even if you have employees spread out across multiple locations, are working in a hybrid model, or are remote. By using the O.C. Tanner recognition solution you already use every day, recognition is at your fingertips. You can create a meaningful company-wide recognition moment in just minutes, and employees will receive a recognition experience through a platform they are already familiar with. Once you decide on a budget and get approval, follow these 6 easy steps and start recognizing. There’s no waiting, no setup, and no purchasing anything new.

2. Group Deposits include everyone, and work for any occasion. You can thank them all with Group Deposits—recognition that reaches everyone, no matter what their location, job level, tenure, or team. Make it part of a company-wide celebration, whether it’s for an occasion like Employee Appreciation Day or Hospital Week, a recent company anniversary or milestone, a new corporate partnership or accomplishment of an important goal, a major holiday, or welcoming employees back to the office after a hard couple of years. Maybe you want to show appreciation just because your people deserve it. Don’t limit special recognition to just one team, one location, or one business unit. Thank them all.

3. Employees can choose a meaningful award. Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy. Eliminate the stress of deciding on one generic gift that you hope will would please everyone, or trying to figure out how to mail out gifts or gift cards to your entire employee population. With Group Deposits, employees choose a gift that is personal to them. Maybe they’ll choose something they wanted during the pandemic but weren’t able to get. Perhaps they’ll find something they can share with their families to celebrate making it through a once-in-a-lifetime event. Or maybe they’ll just select something to make them smile as we move forward. Whatever they choose, it will be a gift that is meaningful to them and helps them feel connected to your organization.

Want to get your people to stay? Show them they belong and matter. Help every employee feel connected and appreciated with Group Deposits. Everyone who put in extra effort to keep business as usual during some very unusual times. Everyone who made personal sacrifices without knowing what the future would hold. Everyone who stuck with you. Everyone who did something extraordinary. Thank them all.

Set up your group deposit and watch the magic happen. Start now.