Organisations with thriving cultures fare far better during periods of change and uncertainty. But what makes a thriving culture? In short, community—people experiencing a sense of belonging, sharing common values, and contributing to common goals.

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Four ways recognition builds inclusion

When it comes to cultivating inclusive cultures that foster a sense of belonging, there’s no such thing as a shortcut. But recognition can help you move the needle in real, measurable ways.

Five HR challenges. Five ways recognition can help.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging may be your loftiest goals, but they’re not the only ones on your plate. Here’s how recognition can help you solve other pressing HR challenges.

Propelling positive change through recognition

Learn how BHP used employee recognition to support their BHP operating system and foster continuous improvement – resulting in 72% of employees receiving recognition in one year.

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Ready to put recognition to work in a way that aligns with your mission, values, and goals? Let’s co-create experiences that connect your people to purpose, increase engagement, and make recognition intrinsic to your culture. Book a meeting and become a recognition strategist today

“BigThanks [O.C. Tanner’s Culture Cloud platform] has helped us call out phenomenal creativity, innovation, and a thousand of the small incremental improvements that have really helped propel this organisation forward.”

- Jad Vodopija, Chief People Officer, BHP

“What that [their refreshed recognition program] really reflects is that more of our frontline workforce are participating this year – we think that’s a really good sign of increasing trust and acknowledgment of our commitment to take action on the feedback we receive.”

- Dani Wilson, Global Director Performance & Reward, Treasury Wine Estates

“We feel like the O.C. Tanner team is part of our own work team. They understand our culture and our needs and are always available to brainstorm ideas and help with our overall recognition strategy.”

- Jason Coffey, System Director, Employee and Patient Experience, Norton Healthcare

Check out the 2024 Global Culture Report

Be among the first to read the findings of our latest survey of nearly 42,000 employees from 27 countries. Our report has inspired articles in prominent news media everywhere.

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