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Creative Names for Reward and Recognition Programs

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Use these engaging award and recognition program names to spotlight your company culture and the goals of your recognition program.

The Olympics: no matter if you’re an avid fan, occasionally watch the highlights, or have never seen them in your life, that name means something to you. When someone says “Olympic gold medalist,” thoughts of hard work, perseverance, and innate skill can’t help but run through your mind.

Our research shows that employees who feel a sense of belonging at their jobs are 5.3 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. With this in mind, imagine if instead of generic recognition awards or programs, you could essentially create the recognition Olympics of your company—a recognition program that increases employee engagement with personalized awards specifically customized to reflect and celebrate your unique company culture.

Use these creative and catchy names for your reward programs and recognize your employees with Olympic-level appreciation.  

Our research shows that employees who feel a sense of belonging at their job are 5.3x more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.


Top-performer programs and awards

In addition to prime parking spots and gift cards, do something special to recognize your employees who are consistently at the top of their game. Here are some names for programs and awards that celebrate outstandingly good work with more than just another employee-of-the-month award.

● Shoot for the Stars Program
● MVP Award
● Wall of Fame Program
● Outstanding Performer Award
● Up and at ‘Em Program
● Gold Star Award
● Epic Award

Peer-to-peer recognition programs and awards

Keep your employees rooting for their coworkers to succeed with peer-to-peer incentive programs. Whether the awards are posted on social media or around the office, you should display them proudly for all to see. Let’s take a look at some catchy peer-to peer-recognition program names.

● Coworker Kudos Program
● Office Uplifter Award
● Unsung Heroes Program
● Team Player Award
● Standing Ovation Award
● Shout Out Program
● Thanks to U Program

Team recognition programs and awards

Take your team building to the next level with catchy names for incentive programs. When your employees achieve greatness together, present them with special, uniquely named awards.

● We Are the Champions Program
● Tireless Teamwork Award
● Come Together Program
● Super Sales Squad Award
● All Together Program
● The Dream Team Award
● Stronger Together Program

Customer service recognition programs and awards

It’s vital to reward the employees who are responsible for keeping your clients happy. These creative employee recognition ideas should help your customer service representatives feel truly appreciated and valued.

● Customer Fanatic Award
● “How Can I Help?” Program
● Bright Smile Award
● “As You Wish” Award
● Client’s Best Friend Program
● Because of You Award
● Make a Difference Program

Above-and-beyond recognition programs and awards

Our research shows that consistent recognition for above-and-beyond performance can add 3.5 years to an employee’s tenure. Use these recognition name ideas to go the extra mile for your employees who go the extra mile in their work.

● Blood, Sweat and Hard Work Award
● Celebrate Greatness Program
● Allstar Award
● There When It Counts Program
● Brought the Thunder Award
● The Extra Mile Program
● Appreciate Great Program

Our surveys show that consistent recognition for above-and-beyond performance can add 3.5 years to an employee's tenure.


Years of service programs and awards

You’ve got employees who have dedicated their lives to supporting your company. Reward their dedication with employee recognition programs and awards that celebrate their commitment and encourage others to follow their example.

● Workplace Backbone Award
● Because You Matter Program
● Victory Lap Program
● Office Mentor Award
● Appreciate You Program
● Celebrate Careers Program

Goal and milestone programs and awards

Whether you’re trying to encourage your employees to hit their goals or want to congratulate them on reaching a milestone, using a creative program or award name is always a great way to transform your employee’s experience through recognition.

● Crossed the Finish Line Award
● Ready. Set. Done. Program
● Gold Medal Award
● Start to Finish Program
● The Completionist Award
● #goals Program
● You Did It! Award

Employee retirement programs and awards

If a beloved employee has given years of their life to your company, you can’t let them go without a genuine thank you. Show your employees that you value them by installing long-term benefit programs and repaying their loyalty with heartfelt awards.

● Dedication Award
● Stuck Like Glue Program
● Legendary Award
● Biggest Applause Award
● Victory Lap Program
● Long Haul award
● Steadfast Employee Award

Miscellaneous programs and awards

While you should always give awards to those who have earned it, you don’t need to reserve them for only the usual workplace expectations. Reward those employees whose contributions aren’t as flashy or overt as some of their coworkers. Here are a few examples:

● Coworker Champion Award (For the employee who always saves their coworkers)
● Makes Us Great Award (For the employee whose work may not be in the spotlight but who consistently contributes and supports their teammates)
● Life Events Program (For the employee who is celebrating a service anniversary, marriage, birth of a child, first home, finishing a marathon, or other personal milestone)
● Our Best Award (To celebrate Employee Appreciation Day or any company achievement or milestone)

How to create a custom award or program name

Remember, the names you use should be personalized for your company culture. This will help your employees feel that you made an effort to create something special just for them. Additionally, it’s okay to be playful—often, the more fun and personal your names, the clearer it is that they took time and thought to create—but make sure the message of the award or program is always sincere.

Use these names, but even better, use them as inspiration to create your own names. The more you can tie your award and recognition program names into your company’s purpose, the more your employees will feel they are directly contributing to that purpose. Create programs that perfectly fit your company—and, more importantly, your people.

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