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6th May to 9th May, 2024


10th May to 14th May, 2024

Delhi - NCR.

15th May to 17th May, 2024

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Discussion topics

  • Supporting the 80% A large majority of the world’s employees feel excluded and disadvantaged. What are the best ways to support them?
  • Achieving equitable flexibility If the goal is to help all workers find more balance and fulfillment, then employers need to be flexible with everyone.
  • Cultivating nimble resilience amid change The pace, intensity, and unpredictability of workplace challenges now require more than blunt endurance.
  • Leading with practical empathy When leaders add action to empathy, they can dramatically improve employees’ sense of belonging and connection.

Meet our speaker

Ryan Jensen

Ryan Jensen

Ryan Jensen has led teams across multiple industries, including customer success teams to improve access for frontline workers and encourage employee-centric change adoption across all segments of the workforce. He specializes in forging strategic partnerships with enterprise organizations such as McDonald’s, Tesla, and SpaceX.


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