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Our Commitment

Helping People Thrive at Work

Helping people thrive at work is our mission at O.C. Tanner. In order to accomplish this, we are committed to equity, fairness, and integrity in everything we do. We have a responsibility to make the world a better place, and the way we act as an organization will help us do that.  


Our Social Commitment


We’re more than a company—we’re an organization full of individuals who are committed to social progress.

Our founder, Obert C. Tanner, always said he wanted his company to “touch the fringes of perfection.”

Today, we continue to strive for the perfection Obert C. Tanner believed in. High quality isn’t just an expectation—it’s a demand. Rigorous employee training, documentation, systematic processes, and quality controls are just part of our gold-star standards. Fair practices aren’t just a futuristic goal—they’re a reality for now. Holding ourselves, our suppliers, and partners to human rights standards ensure that everyone sees better results. Transparency and trust aren’t just ideals—they are active commitments we hold ourselves to every day. Through protection of personal data and ongoing candor with everyone we interact with, we further the goal of transparent business practices.

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Our Environmental Responsibility


Reducing our environmental impact means increasing our overall positive impact on the world around us.

We’ve done the work to reduce our waste and improve sustainability, and now the numbers speak for themselves. 

  • 93% reduction in toxic trash
  • 5.5 tons less air pollution
  • 90% reduced VOC emissions
  • 88% less wastewater down the drain
  • 53% lower kilowatt usage thanks to changing 980 light fixtures to new energy-saving lights
  • 100% elimination of highly hazardous chemicals
  • Over 11 million sheets of paper saved

Making the world around us healthy, safe, and beautiful is a crucial use of our time, energy, and investment.

Our Economic Impact


It’s not just about making money—it’s about making a difference. 

Here at O.C. Tanner, we know that business is about more than just money. Which is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of economic justice. Fair pay practices, charitable giving, and economic opportunities are critical as we work to ensure everyone we work with has access to a better financial future. 10% of our company profits go to philanthropic causes—we know that giving back is what separates a good company from a great one.

O.C. Tanner requires fair wage practices from all suppliers and partners. We hold ourselves to high standards of economic stability for our employees. And we’re pushing ourselves even further. The Tanner Cares fund, established in 2011, offers financial support to O.C. Tanner employees in times of extreme need. For every dollar employees donate to the United Way or Utah Food Banks, O.C. Tanner matches that dollar twice—once to the United Way/Utah Food Banks and once into our own Tanner Cares employee crisis fund. It’s our way of making sure we stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, when it matters most.

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Our Inclusive Focus


Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords—they are crucial for success.

Differences in background, ideas, and experiences are what make companies thrive. Our diverse staff represents 62 countries and 64 different languages. We understand that unique individuals help provide bigger ideas, better outcomes, and greater results in every situation.

We practice what we preach when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have a partnership with One Refugee to help support refugee communities through education and employment opportunities. We also partner with Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) companies and work to utilize them in all areas of procurement. And in 2020, O.C. Tanner was honored by Upwardly Global, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to effectively integrating skilled immigrants into the professional U.S. workforce, for championing workplace diversity and inclusion.

“We are better and stronger for being a place where people from all backgrounds are invited to come, contribute, and thrive.” —MINDI COX, CHIEF MARKETING & PEOPLE OFFICER

We all have a role in making a difference in our companies and our communities. Join us as we help all employees thrive at work.

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