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Norton Healthcare

Working in the health care industry is tough. There’s late nights. Long hours. Emotional challenges. It’s an industry that demands mental and physical stamina to heal patients and comfort families.

However, Norton Healthcare, located in Louisville, Kentucky, has figured out how to create a workplace culture that empowers their employees and cultivates an uplifting experience for everyone. 


“People come into health care wanting fulfillment through meaningful work. It's part of who we are. In fact‚ many times‚ our employees would say 'It's just what we do'. But that's why it's so imperative that we show our appreciation.”



Norton Healthcare is nationally recognised for their full commitment to improving the health care industry and strategically implementing a recognition system that celebrates amazing achievements, career anniversaries, and allows employees to not only receive thanks, but give thanks as well.


“Our culture is really about service to others. We have only two roles in the organisation: those who take care of patients and those who support those who take care of patients” – RUSSELL F. COX, PRESIDENT AND CEO


When Norton Healthcare first implemented a recognition system seven years ago the executive leadership team challenged all leaders throughout the company to implement retention strategies that would move employees from being satisfied to fully engaged. After a few years of their recognition system,
N Recognition of You, Norton Healthcare saw incredible results.

They were able to implement a centralised solution aligned with Norton Healthcare’s values and standards. This system gives all employees access to recognise every aspect of life at work—from onboarding to retirement from small wins to big accomplishments.


“The number of recognition moments captured in our first year is what we now capture in a matter of weeks.”



What made the difference?

A dedicated Employee Experience team was created that hosted employee focus groups and leveraged O.C. Tanner’s events, training, solution design and creative expertise. They also looked at what leading organisations (even outside of the health care market) were doing. By doing so they crushed their previous engagement survey results going from the 55th percentile to 83rd in the health care market.

Results delivered for norton healthcare

• Engagement survey results went from the 55th percentile to 83rd in the health care market

• One location has won a national award for having top HCAHPS scores for each reporting year

• Overall turnover in top 70th percentile


“We feel like the O.C. Tanner team is part of our own work team. They understand our culture and our needs and are always available to brainstorm ideas and help with our overall recognition strategy.” – JASON COFFEY, SYSTEM DIRECTOR, EMPLOYEE AND PATIENT EXPERIENCE

Outcomes are everything
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