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Global Culture Report

Workplace culture and everyday employee experiences go hand in hand. And both are more critical than leaders imagine.


Our latest organisational culture research looks at current culture trends, company culture statistics, and how employees feel about their workplaces. See how companies with strong cultures recruit and attract top talent, reduce employee turnover, and become places where employees thrive.

2020 Report


Culture-building efforts and modern workplace trends created a 6% engagement increase, yet 59% of employees are still willing to leave.


The employee experience is not what you think it is. Our study shows only 42% of employees feel good about their daily experiences at work.


It’s the new workplace crisis. With 79% of employees suffering from burnout, it needs to become a top priority for all HR professionals.


Traditional leadership is being replaced. Modern leaders use mentoring, connection, and employee recognition to inspire 86% more great work.


Today’s one-to-one conversations go beyond performance reviews to help leaders and employees connect, share goals, and improve trust 276%.


Psychologically safe, autonomous teams produce 2-3X higher employee engagement, more great work, and a better overall employee experience.


Only 51% of employees say their company excels at listening to employees. Listening is more than hearing, and improves employee satisfaction.

One Last Word

The statistics about culture show the impact of leadership is profound. Leaders plays a pivotal role in building thriving workplace culture and impacting their company’s bottom line.

Global Appendix

See how worldwide employee engagement statistics vary and how employees feel about workplace culture across 18 different countries.

2019 Report


A more diverse, multigenerational workforce, the rise of AI, and a lack of connection are the latest trends in the workplace disrupting companies.


Only 66% of employees feel a sense of purpose at their organisations. Purpose must be heard and felt throughout the work environment.


One of the top drivers of engagement, opportunity means more than just raises and promotions. 52% of Gen Z employees prefer job variety over a promotion.


Employee success is personal. But only 54% of employees feel like they accomplished something great in the past 30 days.


Appreciation results in more than just happy employees—employees who feel appreciated are 5X more likely to stay.


Employee wellness should include physical, social, and mental health and wellbeing. Employees experience 52% less stress when companies focus on all three.


Leaders play a crucial role in shaping corporate culture; unfortunately, only 57% of employees currently feel positive about leadership.

One Last Word

A great company culture is built through connection.

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