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Topic: Culture

Workplace Community: Reinforcing the Foundations to Create More Resilient Organisations

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Organisations with thriving cultures are far more resilient in challenging and uncertain times. But what is it about these cultures that give them their strength? What is the foundation that supports them?

In a word, community.

In the workplace, community helps employees feel like they’re part of something bigger; that they belong and contribute to a shared purpose in meaningful ways. When there is a healthy workplace community, employees work together to make better decisions and are more committed to the organisation’s success.

Join Meghan Stettler, Director of the O.C. Tanner Institute, as she speaks with Alana Bennett, Human Experience Fanatic & Coach at Connected Experience and Gemma Saunders, Founder of Workplace Edit, about reinforcing the foundations of workplace community to create more resilient organisations.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The eight elements of a strong workplace community
  • The drivers and derailers of connection
  • Creating trust and camaraderie in diverse teams
  • The power of recognition in building belonging

About the speakers:

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Meghan Stettler Director, O.C. Tanner Institute

As a trusted voice for the O.C. Tanner Institute, most recently via its ground-breaking COVID-19 weekly webinars, Meghan specialises in knitting together key sentiments and perspectives across the table to identify win-win strategies for workplace culture success. Throughout her career, she has forged diplomatic partnerships with countries and companies in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, and the Indo-Pacific regions, interfacing with CEOs, energy secretaries, ambassadors, and governors.

She has also addressed over a million viewers as an award-winning journalist and producer with Al Jazeera, News 12 New York, and Network News Service, a pioneering organisation serving ABC, CBS, and FOX. Meghan was recently named to the HRD Global 100, a list of the best and brightest industry leaders in HR.  

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Alana Bennett Human Experience Fanatic & Coach, Connected Experience

As a self-proclaimed Human Experience Fanatic and Coach, Alana has almost 20 years of experience in human resources spanning talent acquisition, talent management, employee experience, employer branding and generalist roles. She has led award-winning transformations and teams, believing businesses are successful when individuals, leaders and organisations and connected and aligned. 

During her career working in human resources, Alana has worked for brands including Ooh! Media, Bankwest and Koala.  

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Gemma Saunders Founder and Chief Workplace Editor, Workplace Edit

After being a senior leader at a top 50 ASX listed organisation and almost two decades in global recruitment businesses spanning across the UK and Australia, Gemma is on a mission to redesign workplace experiences so that they can genuinely work for more people and more businesses.

Through her work, Gemma focuses on changing workplace practices, systems and behaviours so workers can get the best from their workplaces and workplaces can get the best from their workers.  

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