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Topic: Appreciation

Sustaining a Recognition Program for Continued Success

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A culture of recognition develops fulfilled, committed employees. Research shows that workers who feel appreciated are more productive, more motivated, and stay longer with the company. This overall sense of job satisfaction improves business outcomes across the board.

You can fully integrate employee recognition into your workplace culture through meaningful and intentional practices. Let’s take a look at why a structured recognition program is a smart investment. And then we’ll show how Culture Cloud offers more ways to appreciate more people around the world than any other recognition platform, while offering you ideas to incorporate effective appreciation.

Studies have shown that when employees are more satisfied with their organisation, they are more productive and less likely to leave, and that recognising employees can increase motivation and improve performance across the organisation.

Why Recognition Is an Impactful Investment


Increased Employee Fulfillment


A recognition program conclusively leads to higher employee fulfillment. Fulfillment at work is now an expectation of employees, which means organisations must adjust accordingly.

In all of the research for our 2023 Global Culture Report, more than anything else we measured, personal fulfillment had the most decisive impact on an employee’s choice to stay in their job, do great work, and define their organisation as a great place to work. Highly fulfilled employees plan to stay three years longer at their organisations than unfulfilled employees.

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