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Company culture is the hottest topic in HR today. Great company cultures attract, engage, inspire, and retain top talent. Organizations with the best workplace cultures see great strides in innovation and performance, while those who struggle with company culture have challenges with recruitment, retention, and productivity.

Companies are looking for ways to improve their corporate cultures and help their people thrive. But if you’re new to the culture game, you may not know where to start, or what culture even entails.

Use this glossary to learn about and understand the most common and trending workplace culture terms, buzzwords, and questions. Start with the most common culture FAQ’s (like: What is the definition of company culture?) and then learn more about the different types of workplace cultures and browse our glossary of corporate culture terms. Finish by reading about companies that get culture right. Once you have a better lay of the land, you can then start focusing on improving the most crucial areas that will impact YOUR company culture the most.    

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