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A complete resource about Company Culture by O.C. Tanner
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In this section, you will find how appreciation, employee recognition, and burnout all impact workplace culture and employee engagement.

Appreciation/ Recognition

Recognition doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to help strengthen your corporate culture.



To prevent employees from suffering from burnout, companies need to create a company culture where employees feel supported and fulfilled at work. 


Employee Engagement

Companies that have employees who feel engaged see better business results. See what impact organizations with highly engaged employees have.


Employee Experience

Company culture and the employee experience are intrinsically connected. Employees in thriving workplaces rate their employee experience higher, and employee experiences build culture.


Hiring for Culture Fit

No matter what role you're looking to fill at your company, make sure you have a game plan for hiring the right culture fit. It might just be a solution to keeping your employees around for the long run.



An inclusive culture is a culture where employees can thrive. Learn what the impact of an inclusive culture has on employees.



Leadership plays a crucial role in building company culture, as they set the tone of the workplace and impact many areas of the employee experience.



A sense of opportunity at work helps employees feel empowered to do great work and stay for the long haul.


Performance Management

When employees have regular one-to-one conversations, they feel connected to purpose, feel more appreciated, and have a more positive perception of wellbeing, success, and leadership at their organizations.



People are attracted to companies with a clear purpose that they can connect to. Being able to see, hear, and feel purpose in the employee experience creates a culture where employees feel inspired and more motivated.



When your workplace culture includes success, employees are more engaged, passionate, and driven.


Total Rewards

Total rewards packages have a tremendous influence on attracting, engaging, and retaining the right people for your workplace culture.


Wellness/Wellbeing & Health

When employees feel socially and emotionally well, they feel like they fit in and belong at their organization. There is more collaboration and engagement, and employees are able to do their best work.


Work-life Balance/Work-life Integration

Work-life integration improves employee wellbeing and engagement by lowering stress, and may even promote more innovation. 


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