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Topic: Appreciation

6 great ideas to celebrate administrative professionals week

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Have you appreciated the administrative professionals in your office this week? If not, you should—not only because it’s Administrative Professionals Week, but to make sure they know all those millions of thankless, but absolutely necessary, tasks they perform are appreciated. 

Admin professionals are the hub of your workplace, all roads lead to them. They handle projects, logistics, document preparations, act as a communications hub, keep records, organize invoices, and act as office managers by ordering supplies and keeping eyes on the state of the workplace. They plan meetings, events, corporate parties, and make sure other employees are appreciated, so make sure you’re appreciating them. Here are a few ideas on how you can show your favorite administrative professional they are valued, loved, and appreciated.

1.    The Day or Afternoon Free
Wave goodbye as you send your administrative professional out for the afternoon or to take the whole day off. Do it in style with a printed certificate granting them “early release.”

2.    Flowers and a Long Lunch
It’s a classic for a reason; a beautiful floral arrangement and a lunch at their favorite local place is always appreciated. When you call the florist, ask them to use seasonal flowers to create something beautiful and unexpected.

3.    Dinner and More on the Company
Your administrative professional has probably organized expense accounts and collected receipts, why not let them enjoy an expensed dinner out? If you’re in the position, arrange for tickets to an arts event after their dinner—and if you’re really ready to prove how much they mean, arrange for a car service to do the transportation as well.

4.    A Memory Collection
A card is always nice, but why not arrange for a memory collection? Ask members of your company or team to write up a time your administrative professional went above and beyond, or helped them out of a jam. A collection is not only something they can always treasure, but gives them tangible evidence of the value of their work.

5.    CEO Takes the Desk
Why not have a little fun and have the CEO, or other members of the executive team, volunteer to cover the admin desk for a few hours. You can send your admin off for a pedicure, or have them enjoy watching execs scramble to get the job done.

6.    Personalized Presents
Sometimes the best gifts are items that mean something to your administrative professional. Are they golfers? A set of personalized golf balls and a pass for a round would be a nice gift. Does she love to cook? A new cookbook from a celeb chef hits the spot. Does he love movies? Send him to the multiplex with a gift card for movies and popcorn. A personalized product matters because it shows you know what interests them, what it takes to recharge their batteries, and you care enough to arrange for a gift that matters to them.

As always, although you should absolutely make a significant gesture on Administrative Professionals Week, make sure your favorite admin pro knows they’re your favorite admin pro all year. Tell them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis you appreciate how they hold the company together and value their work. Administrative Professionals Week should be the frosting on the top of your appreciation cake.

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