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Topic: Culture

5 Culture Trends for 2021

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In 2020 the world changed dramatically. As companies enter 2021, what workplace transformations will the new year bring? Check out our 5 Culture Trends for 2021 and see how you can be prepared to help your employees thrive, no matter what new challenges may come their way.

1) Emerging from crisis, companies focus on culture.

As companies return from months of remote work or adjust to the new normal of remote work and social distancing, workplace culture is in flux. Some cultures need healing after layoffs, furloughs, or closures drastically changed their workforce. Others are adapting their work processes or physical environments to account for social distancing needs. Employees are adjusting as they return to the office after months of being apart. Underlying all of this is a fear of Covid-19 in the workplace and the continued uncertainty of how economies will perform, and which situations may change.

A SHRM study found two out of three companies reported keeping employee morale up to be difficult during the pandemic, and one-third said maintaining company culture was a challenge.

The actions some organisations have taken have had a negative impact on their company culture. Pulse surveys conducted by the O.C. Tanner Institute during the worst of the Covid-19 crisis found when an organisation had a layoff or furlough, there was a(n):

• 91% decline in employee Net Promoter Score

• 57% increase in disengagement

• 42% increase in a tense workplace atmosphere

• 75% increase in feeling like the organisation was underprepared

Trying to cut costs by scaling back employee recognition programs resulted in:

• 49% decrease in engagement

• 23% decrease in likelihood employees feel supported by the organisation

• Twice as much fear about Covid-19

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